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Since Paul Walker's untimely death almost two years ago in a horrific car collision, the Fast and the Furious cast and the rest of Hollywood have very publicly mourned the loss of a wonderful man. While the tragedy sent ripples through the industry, it has always been Vin Diesel, his dear friend, who has given it his all to keeping the actor's outstanding legacy alive.

And this very fact was no different last Friday, when Vin appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Vin Diesel with 'brother' Paul Walker
Vin Diesel with 'brother' Paul Walker

While discussing various topics like his upcoming movie, The Last Witch-Hunter, the topic of conversation changed to his brother Pablo. Our favorite muscle-man showed us how tormented he still is by Paul's death -- so much so that at times he appeared to struggle to hold back the tears.

Interestingly, speaking about the difficulties of finishing the latest Furious installment following Paul's tragic accident, Vin addressed the fact that people often urged him to move on from the tragedy on his various social media channels. What he had to say is enough to break the most hardened of hearts:

"People say 'just move on. But the relationships in that franchise are so strong, and the brotherhood so real, that it transcends the experience of making the movie. And you spend 15 years going from being from nobody to somebody with a brother. And then one day he's gone. It's a very heavy experience."

Vin continued to discuss how loss affects a person, understanding that each and every one of us can relate to the feeling in one way or other. At this point, the audience was listening so intently that it seemed that you could almost hear a pin drop in the studio.

"I know you've all suffered loss before, I know you know what I mean. Yet somehow this is different from the other losses that I've had. I grew up in New York City being a bouncer and you would lose people while you were working. But this was [...] unlike anything you could have imagined."

Watch Vin speak about the loss of Paul in more detail here:


It's wonderful that to this day Vin continues to keep the memory of his dear friend alive -- often posting images and choice quotes onto his Instagram and Facebook accounts. But perhaps the most touching tribute he has paid to the late Paul has to do with something far closer to his heart.

Explaining Paul's advice when he was expecting his first child, Vin recalled:

"I can remember just like yesterday he said that to me, "A lot of tough guys will tell you to wait in the hallway, don't go in the delivery room. [He said] 'But Vin, go into that delivery room, be present and cut that umbilical cord and it will be the best day of your life.' So six months ago when I was blessed to be in that same situation, I couldn't help but to remember Paul and his advice. As I'm cutting the umbilical cord, I'm thinking to myself it's all because Paul Walker told me to go into the delivery room and so once it came time to sign the name, I started writing "Paul" and then just added I-N-E."
Vin with daughter Pauline
Vin with daughter Pauline

The actor concluded:

"Now when I think about it I feel blessed that I'm able to carry on and talk about how wonderful a person he was and how special a person he was. He's really the best of us, he was that selfless and he was such an important figure in my life."

Paul -- you may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten!

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