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Watch the latest television series like Silicon Valley, The Newsroom, Enlightened, Boardwalk Empire and Bored to Death on HBO Hits this month. The on-going seasons telecast in different time slots everyday for you to tune-in.

This month, hop on the merry-go-round to watch a variety of television series to be featured only on the Hollywood movies TV channel, HBO Hits. The channel has recently forayed into a new era to become a 24/7 HD TV series channel too. Since, it had already been running movies and was being watched by numerous viewers across nations, it finally came down to India and began a new journey with HD English TV shows.

The drama and comedy of these award-winning American TV shows are to go on air in the given time slot from 23 minutes to 54 minutes to depict the best put up acts by Luke Wilson, Jeff Daniels, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Dev Patel, Laura Dern, Ted Danson and Emily Mortimer. Portraying the significant roles are Josh Brener, Shea Whigham, Jason Schwartzman and Diane Ladd also. Others stars in the making to feature their performances include Kelly MacDonald, Thomas Middleditch and T. J. Miller.

Enjoy the spectacular shows sitting on your couch with the best directors like Alec Berg, David Petrarca, Tristram Shapeero, Alan Poul and Mike White on the ads-free TV series channel, HBO Hits. Here, you get to witness real acting as the telecast is uninterrupted. Therefore, watch out for your favourite shows including

Bored To Death

The broadcast has been going on for quite some time as its three seasons have already arrived. Now, the channel does not only showcase English comedy HD ad-free movies but also started off with sitcoms. In this one, author Jonathan Ames has created his fictional lookalike (Jason Schwartzman) who plays a writer-turned-private detective. How he uses the methods of old detective novel stories to lead a dual life, is the focal point of this series.

Boardwalk Empire

After featuring successful hollywood drama TV series, the channel comes up with a period crime drama that went on for 5 seasons. It focuses on the life of Enoch Thompson (Steve Buscemi) who portrays a political figure rising to prominence and also happens to be a historical criminal mastermind.

Silicon Valley

It is about six young men who come up with a start-up project in Silicon Valley. With two seasons in its kitty, the show is already a success.

The Newsroom

Drama runs in the channel. And, another addition to its collection of Hollywood drama HD ad-free series is The Newsroom. The three series long political drama revolves around what goes behind-the-scenes of the Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel. The ensemble cast includes the staff working on a TV show with anchor, Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels).


A respite from English drama TV shows, Enlightened is a drama that presents comical is about a self-destructive woman, Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern) who is idealistic and ambitious yet socially awkward. The tale explains how she awakens to lead an enlightened life.

Catch the series just in time on HBO Hits everyday and anytime.


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