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If you ever wanted something to make you feel old, the Pixar epic Toy Story was released an incredible 20 years ago in November. Relive your youth by watching the opening credits below:

Pixar's 1995 epic introduced us to movie greats like Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head, and has since seen two further releases. Toy Story 4, will hit the big screen in 2018.

From early rejections, name changes and hidden messages, here's everything you didn't know:

1. Early ideas for Buzz's name included 'Lunar Larry' and 'Tempus from Morph'

2. Tom Hanks's brother Jim Hanks voiced Woody for action figures, video games and spin-offs

3. Every shot in the film passed through eight different teams at Pixar

4. Toy Story was the first animated film to be nominated for best screenplay in the Oscars' history

It was also nominated for Best Screenplay, Original Score and Original Song (for "You've got a friend in me").

5. Jim Carrey was wanted to voice Buzz Lightyear, and Paul Newman to voice Woody

In the end, the stars weren't cast as the budget wouldn't allow them to. Roles eventually went to Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

Bill Murray, famous for films such as Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, was also considered for Buzz.

6. One second of footage on screen took 120 hours to create

7. Disney rejected director John Lasseter's pitch for a full length animated feature -- and then fired him

Before Pixar produced Toy Story, director John Lasseter approached Disney with the idea for a full length, animated feature. They rejected the idea, and Lasseter was later fired.

8. Woody was originally a villain

In early scripts, the character of Woody was a bully who was mean to the other toys.

9. Buzz Lightyear is named after Buzz Aldrin, the American astronaut

10. While 'Woody' is an homage to Western actor Woody Strode

11. The voice of Mike Wazowski in Monsters, Inc., Billy Crystal, was approached to voice Buzz, but turned the role down

He later claimed turning down the role was the biggest regret of his career.

12. The creators of Etch A Sketch were almost bankrupt and featuring in the film increased sales and saved the company

The toy features in a scene in Toy Story, which led to a 20% increase in sales.

13. The voices for the Aliens at Pizza Planet were created by voice actors inhaling helium

14. The character of Buzz Lightyear was originally a military action figure

15. Sid Phillips is said to be based on a former Pixar employee who built bizarre creations from dissembled toys

Watch a clip of Sid scaring the Toys below:

16. Director of The Avengers, Joss Whedon, is said to have created the character of Rex

He also co-wrote the original Toy Story.

17. Buzz Lightyear's features are based on director John Lasseter

18. The names of books on Andy's shelf correlate to Pixar animations

Red's dream, Tin Toy, Luxo Jr. and Knick Knack are all short animations made by the animation company in the 1980s.

19. An early sketch of Woody appears as a poster in one of the scenes

20. The film was originally going to be called "You Are a Toy"

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