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Olivia Wilde isn't known for being a method actress, but it turns out that's exactly what she was when filming Drinking Buddies back in 2013.

While on the set of the Joe Swanberg comedy, it turns out Wilde and her co-stars Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson were chugging copious amounts of real beer the entire time. In an interview with Off Camera with Sam Jones, she revealed:

"We were hammered the entire movie because it was real beer, because beer on that set was cheaper than water, because we were shooting in a brewery."

It seems Anna Kendrick, in particular, was especially vulnerable to the frothy craft beer, with Wilde adding:

"She sat down to do the first scene and took a huge gulp of beer, not realizing it was real, and was like instantly hammered. She was like, ‘What’s happening? What are you guys doing?’ and we were like, ‘Oh, we forgot to tell you – the beer’s all real and everyone’s drunk. It’s 10 a.m., welcome to Drinking Buddies.’"

Check out the trailer for Drinking Buddies below:

Kendrick has also previously discussed the boozy experience, telling Vulture in 2013:

"During a scene at the bar, they gave me fake beer, but then during a scene where I’m playing cards with Jake, they gave me real beer, and I didn’t realize it! And so every time I lost, I was pounding beer, and I didn’t realize it was real until halfway through the take. I was like, ‘I’m super drunk right now!’ And so as soon as the take was over, I had to announce to everybody that I was drunk at work. I was horrified by the idea that I was going to be the next troublesome star who got drunk and started flipping over tables or whatever. I just tried to sit quietly until I sobered up."

However, in another interview with The Daily Beast, Wilde revealed all this getting wrecked was for a good reason: authenticity. She explained:

"The reason we wanted to drink the beer wasn’t to loosen up, it was because we were working within this very specific world in the film – the craft-beer world of Chicago – so we wanted to be able to improvise accordingly. And this community had really adopted us, and we were working in an actual brewery. We’d have to pause scenes so a guy in a forklift could carry kegs across the floor. So drinking would be organic."

Of course, Olivia isn't the only actor or actress whose gotten Wilde on set thanks to real booze. Here are 13 more stars who turned to booze to improve their acting abilities.

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