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Fans of the acclaimed television show The Walking Dead will have been excited for the launch of Season 6 last week. I know I was, the premiere was brilliantly produced and really reintroduced a loyal audience to the new season of the gripping dystopian series.

For any of you eagerly awaiting the next episode, or still reeling from the last, you'll be excited to hear that there is now a sweepstakes, which offers awesome prizes and rewards to thousands of fans.

The first of these events took place prior to the Season 6 premiere. Successful fans were awarded an advanced screening of the premiere episode, followed by a panel with 18 cast members. The lucky winner of the Season 6, episode 2 sweepstakes will be lucky enough to spend a night in Alexandria and meet the cast of The Walking Dead.

What's better is that AMC has announced that this sweepstakes will occur every week!

So, how does it work?

It's simple. Tune into The Walking Dead when it airs on Sunday night, then look out for the code words during the commercial add break -- which this week were 'SOUNDS' and 'RISKY.' All you have to do then is go to the Sleep With The Dead Sweepstakes website and submit your answers between 9pm and 5:59am. It really is as simple as that.

So with The Walking Dead, Season 6, episode 3, scheduled for release next Sunday, will you be looking out for the code words?

(Source:, AMC.)


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