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Adam Levine may be married to model Behati Prinsloo, but that doesn't stop fans from feeling insanely depressed that such a sexy and talented man is now off the market. It was enjoyable dreaming that perhaps, just perhaps, we'd somehow run into each other and fall in love madly right on the stop, am I right?

One such fan named Mila, a little three-year-old girl, whose heart practically broke on camera once she was told by her mother that Levine had married Prinsloo.

Girl, we feel you.

Mila was then invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she told Ellen that not only was she Levine's girlfriend; she was going to marry him one day, and that was that.

Ellen then gave Mia a cute new outfit. But that isn't the only surprise; Ellen also brought out Mila's future husband, Adam Levine, who walked out with a gorgeous pink rose for the little girl.

Mila suddenly turned incredibly shy around her Maroon 5 boyfriend, but at the same time, I think we would all have the same reaction.

Levine cares so much about his fans, big or small, future wife or not, that it just goes to show you what kind of character he is.

I can envision this girl in a couple of years completely remembering in awe the time she appeared on Ellen Degeneres' show with Adam Levine who picked her up (literally) and swept her off her feet. She is one lucky little lady.

(Source: Mirror)


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