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J.K. Rowling is just the gift that keeps on giving. It's been years since the last Harry Potter book came out and the last installment of the franchise hit our big screens, but long after bidding a final farewell to the series, it seems that the authoress is very eager to keep the wizarding magic alive.

Always ready to offer tidbits of information regarding our favorite Harry Potter characters and plot lines, it seems that our beloved J.K. has now opened our eyes even further by giving us a glimpse into the brilliant workings of her very own mind.

To get to the point -- when answering a fan on Twitter, she told the world which chapter from the series is her ultimate favorite. The question was:

To which J. K. replied:

Another Harry Potter fan then piped up:

And J.K. agreed! Once again proving that she was just like us:

What happened in 'Forest Again,' Chapter 34 of Deathly Hallows?

In the chapter from the final installment of the series, Harry enters the Forbidden Forest to confront Voldemort. It's also the moment that he realizes what he has to do to kill the Dark Lord, as well as when he finally is able to open up the Golden Snitch to see his deceased family and loved ones within.

All of them comfort him as he walks towards what he believes to be his final death. Here's the scene from the movie:

I totally get why this is J.K.'s favorite chapter, because it's probably one of the most emotionally intense parts of the entire series. I'm not surprised she cried when writing it.



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