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As if one Hemsworth on the red carpet wasn't enough to make you swoon all over the shop, there were FOUR of them in attendance at the premiere of Liam Hemsworth's latest movie, The Dressmaker, in Melbourne earlier this week. Liam was accompanied by his brother Chris, who you may have heard of through little known films such as The Avengers and Thor, and together the pair looked suave AF!

Damn, Son(s)!

Liam Hemsworth, the ex-Neighbours actor who is now best known for his role as Gale in The Hunger Games, stars in The Dressmaker alongside Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving and Sarah Snook. He was also accompanied at the Melbourne premiere by his parents, Craig and Leonie Hemsworth, who really should be flippin' knighted for birthing such beauties.

Just look at this family!

Argh, so CUTE!

Fangirling over (kind of), you can check out The Dressmaker trailer and Liam Hemsworth's abs below. Enjoy!

Source: Buzzfeed, The Mirror


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