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Stephen Adamson

Canadian airline WestJet has unveiled a new Frozen airplane that your kids will absolutely love. Elsa and Anna may be princesses, but anybody will feel like they got the royal treatment if they get a chance to fly on this new Boeing 737 outfitted with the Disney hit movie's main characters.

Check out the tricked out plane below!

According to WestJet, it took the painting crew 21 days of 12-hour rotations to finish the paint job, which took more than 170 gallons of paint and includes sections of paint mixed with glitter.

I have a feeling that if this plane was in line waiting to take off, even if there were other planes ahead of them, air traffic control would probably be forced to "let it go." Heh...

It really is a shame, though, because this plane is thoroughly awesome from the outside, but everybody inside the plane won't even be able to see it! Either way, very cool stuff from your kids' new favorite airline... WestJet.



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