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(Warning - the following contains potential SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII. Proceed with caution and such...)

Now, with the third (and final) trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens set to debut tonight during halftime at the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles' NFL showdown, we don't have very many hours to wait until we can finally -- finally -- get another glimpse of the galaxy far, far away that we love so dearly.

Except, of course, with this being Star Wars and all, a couple of hours is still far, far too long to wait. Which is why it's pretty darned lucky that...

Three Pre-Trailer TV-Spot Teasers Have Been Released

And, much like the recently-revealed official poster for the movie, they might just tell us a surprisingly large amount about what to expect from Episode VII.

For instance:

The First Highlights Just How Much the Movie Will Focus on Our Four New Heroes (and That Villain)

After all -- though Han, Chewie, Leia and (perhaps to a lesser extent) Luke look set to play key roles in the film, it's looking ever-more likely that we're going to be asked to fall in love with the five characters featured above.


The Second Teases Just Where Rey Is Going to End Up

After all, those trees sure do suggest that she's not on a certain desert planet anymore -- but is still going to have to deal with the dastardly dregs of the Empire all the same. Could that be the same planet we saw Finn glaring on up above, or perhaps even one Rey heads to while looking for a certain older Skywalker?

And, finally:

The Third Teases What Could Be a Major Plot Point

After all, it sure does look as though Finn and Poe have some kind of history with one another in this shot. Now, that could well be five-minutes old, or suggest a long-standing relationship -- but whatever it is, it seems the pair will be a lot less close than the original trilogy's leads... for a little while at least.

Is that set to be a friendly rivalry, though or something deeper?

What do you reckon?



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