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So I know what most of you are thinking from the title, "Of course he should God Damnit he's Spider-man!" but lay down those pitch forks and torches and listen to what I say first. So I've been thinking about the MCU plans for movies and I think with Spider-man a new movie would be alright if they want to introduce him in the Avengers but... and just hear me out I think a Netflix original would be better. Why well there's a lot of reasons but let me just say the first three off the top of my head.

We're bored

First off, this up coming "Spider-man the New Avenger" will be the third time Hollywood has made a movie of Spider-man with a new cast I think after a while seeing a super heroes origin on screen it can get kind of boring. And honestly how many times do the producers think we'll watch the same movie with different people in it before yelling "This is the same damn movie!" I mean we all know the origin already, and if you don't well I'm going to spoil it for you because unless you've been living under a rock you should know it by now, he gets his powers from a radio active spider bite.

So many great adventures

Second, I honestly think that part of the reason Spider-man keeps getting remade right now (other than movie rights) is because there are so many awesome stories that can be told with Spider-man that everyone wants to see but it would be to hard to put it all in one movie and might work better for a Netflix/TV series. I mean could you imagine what Netflix can do with a Spider-man series, they could have as many villains and as many stories as they want, including the Sinister Six or The Enforcers, they could introduce other Spider-men and other variations of Spider-man in the show like Miles Morales and the clone saga (which I probably shouldn't have brought up lets pray that never happens). Spider-man has done so may things, and other heroes may have done the same thing, but honestly if Spider-man battled Time traveling robotic alien dinosaurs from another dimension with Captain America or the Fantastic Four who do you think will be most recognized for it? And yes I realize that some of you might be bigger fans of Captain America or the Fantastic Four, but in my opinion Spider-man is the most popular super hero out there (Aside from Deadpool) and if you don't believe me then explain why he has two movie series, multiple animated TV shows, more villains than you can count on your fingers, and is being fought over by Marvel and Sony?

Bridge between series and movies

And finally, Spider-man has allied himself with so many heroes in the Marvel universe I don't think I could really find a character who Spider-man hasn't crossed paths with. With this in mind just imagine, Netflix could bring in a lot of character from other Netflix originals to guest star like Dare Devil or Agents of Shield heck doesn't even have to be Netflix original/TV show it could be characters like Captain America or Iron Man, you could even make a whole season based off the Civil War. And like I said before Spider-man has had so many adventures and bringing in other characters to ally him with would be a great way to advertise other hero movies and shows, and would be awesome to watch. Anyways that's my reason for wanting a Netflix series of Spider-man more than a Movie series, tell me what you think.


Should Spider-man get another Movie series or a Netflix original?


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