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Last night's episode began showing Enid's story. It was brief, but it was very telling. We learn that she was with her parents when all of this broke out and she actually showed emotions (something she has failed to show in Alexandria). Her parents were trying to hot wire a car, but weren't being cautious of their surroundings. Enid spots walkers and starts screaming to her parents, her parents disregard her and get attacked and eventually eaten by the walkers. Enid sits in the car and watches her parents die. She writes "JSS" on the car window and leaves. We will get back to what that meant later.

Let's get to the horn that sounds in the season premiere and distracts all the walkers. Turns out that it is the wolves. Last season led us to believe there were only two of them. Last night we found out we were wrong. There was a hole army of them and they showed us how absolutely crazy they were. They ambushed Alexandria and killed people by repeatedly stabbing them with knives and chopping them with axes, it was brutal.

Carol was the first one to see the killing. AS she was baking a cake, she takes a glance out of her window to see a fellow Alexandrian smoking. Then, out of no where, she spots a member of the Wolves kill the lady. She sees this and realizes it's time to turn into the real Carol. She somehow manages to disguise her-self as a Wolf and goes on a killing spree. She blows her cover, but it was definitely for good reason. Without her taking the actions she did, there will most likely would have been more carnage.

There's too many blind spots, that's why it was easy for us to....

That is what Enid was telling Carl before Carl interrupted her. Enid walks into Rick's house to say goodbye to Carl. She didn't seem phased by what was happening and said the Wolves are just "people". That's when I started getting a bad feeling about her. I think that the Wolves found her when she was alone after her parents died and she has been giving them insider information. Now I know that Aaron left the bag with the pictures over at the Wolves compound when him and Daryl got stuck, but they needed to know more. The grainy pictures couldn't have given them all that they needed to plan the attack. Also, as the action died down, Enid disappeared. She left this note (providing us with the meaning of "JSS"):

Morgan still doesn't like the idea of killing people. We saw it in the season finale last year when he refused to kill the two wolves that attacked him. That decision later came back to bit him in the rear end as they showed up and went on the killing spree to the expense of the Alexandrian's. Also, if he would have killed them in the season finale, they wouldn't have attacked Alexandria and the plan to lead the herd of walkers away from Alexandria wouldn't have gone haywire. So, the way I look at it, the two disasters that transpired last night (the plan getting screwed up, and the innocent Alexandria's dying) were on him. In the end he knocks out the leader of the Wolves. Something that will be proven to be valuable as they can tie him up and ask him questions about his clan.


Do you think Enid is providing Insider information to the wolves?


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