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Danger 5 is an Australian TV show on SBS that was originally a crowd-funded project on Kickstarter. It is set in an alternate 1960s where Hitler is still alive as the world's greatest super-villain, striving for world dominance, and only a team of elite international spies can stop him. Danger 5 is essentially a comedy with a unique style and a plot that reads like something the 9gag community would have come up with. It is a satirical parody of itself and all the B category cable flicks that were produced in the '80s. Here are five reasons why it is the coolest TV show in recent years.

'80s Retro Vibe

Matchbox toy cars, corn syrup fake blood and rear projection.

While story is king, the ambience of a movie is of unquestionable importance. Danger 5 manages to recreate the feel of TV movies from the '80s with using outdated shooting techniques such as rear projection and miniatures. The end result? An authentic, cheesy mockery of cheap filmmaking drowning in corn syrup and cigarette smoke.


It is ridiculously stupid, action-packed and a whole lot-ta fun.

While in general we refer to cliches as bad things, they can also have a very positive impact story-wise, especially if presented in a comical, satiric manner. They are familiar faces we all got to know pretty well through many years of watching films (especially bad ones). The story is a caricature of countless spy flicks we know by heart filled with the classic cinema archetypes from next-door.


Hypnotically gorgeous women, bouncing booties and kicking ass.

Another really good reason to watch this series are the smoking-hot chicks running around wielding machine-guns and showing-off their bodies here and there in lacking outfits. Of course you can't base an entire film around the horny male audience, because you will still end up with something like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Michael Bay. The pleasant view of females is only the icing on the cake.


Last but not least, the miraculous anti-aging laughter.

There are few shows that can put a smile on my face with such ease. I must confess, I'm sitting through the entire 25 minutes of an episode with a silly grin frozen on my face. Not to mention the occasional bursts of laughter I didn't have since I saw the first Hangover movie. Trust me on this one, if you want to entertain yourself and you like the sense of humor you would find on 9gag, then Danger 5 is a must for you!

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