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Looks like writer and director Guillermo del Toro is just like wines. He gets better with time. He has unquestionably matured a lot since Mimic and Hellboy, and along the way he tried himself out in a bunch of different genres, but ultimately it seems he should stay with horror.

Crimson Peak, his latest creation, blends horror with mystery and drama with adventure in a pleasant mix. It is a small budget film compared to his previous blockbusters like Pacific Rim, but it doesn't mean a decrease in quality. While he uses fewer actors, the characters are much more complex and engage in clever dialogs. These are not the stereotypical movie heroes and antiheroes we have seen in his previous works, they are very much alive, and don't fit into either category.

The acting was very awe-insipiring especially the girls favourite Tom Hiddleston, who was mesmerising in every scene he took part in. Of course he wasn't the only actor who shined bright in this motion picture. The familiar Jessica Chastain showed us what it looks like if she doesn't play her usual heroine characters. The end result? A sexily wicked heroine who gives me goosebumps and is also pleasant to look at.

The camerawork was nothing special, but Guillermo del Toro created many beautiful and chilling locations with the help of CGI effects without overusing it. Castles, old mansions and the bleak winter scenery were all brought to the screen with much care and a breathtaking end result.

Taking everything into account Crimson Peak was a brilliant horror movie and an even better drama, that shows how Guillermo del Toro developed his skills throughout the years almost to perfection. I definitely recommend this one to watch if you have a free night. Don't expect to be scared to death, but you will enjoy it I guarantee it.

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