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Are you a fan of DC or Marvel? If so you'll have come across more than a few of these fierce females in the comic books or on screen. With DC and Marvel more popular than ever on television and at the movies, you're likely to be seeing more of these characters very soon.

The Flash, Arrow, Daredevil, and Agents of Shield are becoming increasingly popular on television, and both DC and Marvel have huge plans to expand their respective cinematic universes over the next few years.

Hell, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting loads of hype, and with Captain America: Civil War and ten years worth of movies lined up, the superhero craze is going nowhere any time soon. So now is the time to catch up!

From Poison Ivy and the iconic Harley Quinn, to Mystique and Emma Frost, DC and Marvel have created some truly awesome characters within their superhero universes. We all have a favourite: personally, for me it's DC's Harley Quinn, but what about you?

Have a look below, and let us know what you think!

Marvel and DC really have accumulated some fantastic characters.

Which one is your favourite, and are there any you hope to see branch out from the comic books and onto the screens? But of course there are plenty more that haven't been included in the infographic; is there one you prefer who isn't included?

Let us know!

(Source: Costumediscounters.)


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