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Every Disney fan knows who Elsa is these days. But how many know who Kidagakash is?

I'd argue not many, or maybe most people forgot. That's likely because there's no question that Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of Disney's most often overlooked and underrated films. It's an unfortunate reality, but despite the mixed reviews and overall general lukewarm response it received, the film remains one of my absolute favorites. Which is exactly the reason why I cut together a tribute trailer for it that you can watch below.

In the aftermath of its release, I've since learned Atlantis actually has a pretty decent following. Hopefully this tribute trailer will rekindle a love for the movie among old fans, and maybe spark interest in the new. While the film never achieved the kind of global renown that Frozen did, nor has it garnered the lasting cultural impact like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella have, it's a fun fantasy adventure film that is surely a must-see for any Disney fan.

That said, the biggest travesty in the 15 years since Atlantis: The Lost Empire hit theaters is that Kida has never officially been bestowed the honor and title of Disney Princess™. It's not hard to understand the politics, but even if the film performed poorly, relegating such a strong, beautiful, and truly badass character like Kida to "unofficial Princess" status kind of sucks.

Art by Carlos-Eduardo Berganza
Art by Carlos-Eduardo Berganza

However unlikely, Kida would most definitely be rightfully in her place among the upper echelon of Disney Princessdom. Shame there are those who think otherwise. But what do you think?


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