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It has been been almost five years since the release of Final Destination 5 in 2011, and there has yet to be any confirmation from producers or New Line Cinema about the next installment in the franchise. Two years ago Tony Todd corroborated that the script for Final Destination 6 was written and that filming would commence during the latter portion of 2013. Such events never came into fruition, and not much else is known about the project's progress.


Speculation began before the premiere of the fifth entry that Final Destination 6 and 7 would be filmed back to back and released consecutively if Final Destination 5 earned the #1 spot at the box office. Unfortunately, that did not take effect as The Help took the top spot with an unprecedented left hook. Still, the fifth installment was solid and became the franchise's highest rated and best reviewed entry, despite being the lowest grossing movie in the lineup.

Final Destination 5 managed to bring the franchise full circle with its surprisingly convincing storyline, solid performances, amazing special effects, and superb 3D utilization. Its decline in popularity can be attributed in part to The Final Destination, the 2009 entry which completely ignored the dark tone of the original trilogy and instead opted to overuse its 3D gimmicks. As time gradually continues to pass, it seems less and less likely that the franchise will survive, and yet again in a world where Hollywood can't resist remaking and rebooting original ideas, Final Destination is as close as it gets.

Past hits such as the Scream and Saw franchises are still pending a new beginning, but with the imminent releases of the thirteenth Friday the 13th movie set for 2016 and Halloween Returns, the horror genre just can't seem to let their boogeymen rest in piece. Fortunately, for the Final Destination franchise, it never relied on a physical being to deliver terror, as death is the ultimate antagonist and no one can escape.

Series creator, Jeffrey Reddick, has expressed through various tweets in September and October of 2015 that he is interested in resurrecting the franchise that launched him as a screenwriter and director. This is good news for Final Destination fans, as Mr. Reddick has not had any involvement in the franchise since Final Destination 2. With much luck, the sixth entry could reunite Reddick with series veteran and American Horror Story producer, James Wong and team them with the brilliance of director Steven Quale.


A script has yet to materialize as ideas for opening disasters and accidental freak accidents are buzzing through the Internet. Twitter however has provided the most clues regarding the actual storyline. Many fans have long since suggested that Tony Todd's infamous character, William Bludworth, is death itself, but the actor himself has stated that he is a fallen angel - a guardian. It is suspected that Bludworth has lived through a catastrophic event involving cheating death's design, therefore he understands and is able to provide such explicit information to the survivors he encounters. A timeline on Reddick's Twitter suggests that Final Destination 6 may be a prequel to Final Destination 5, but keeping the year of occurrence a secret from the audience will not be an ending plot twist like in the previous installment. Instead what Final Destination 6 aims to accomplish is to establish the mythology of Final Destination and how Bludworth connects to all the events that lead to intervening revelations.

Rumored deaths include a bowling pin setting machine, an unlucky encounter with a car carrying trailer, and a twist on the accidental vending machine death. Final Destination 6 is promising to provide long awaited answers to questions such as can death be cheated? What is the significance of the cursed number 180? Who discovered the notion of kill or be killed? How does Bludworth connect the entire franchise? And finally, how did it all begin?


Should the "Final Destination" franchise live to see another day? Or should it stay dead?
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