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"I don't think that a person should run unless he's being chased."

The moment Marybeth turned up at Harrington High School in Ohio, aliens started to take over The Faculty. A coincidence you'd think would have been busted earlier in the movie, and thus preventing nightmare inducing scenes such as a teachers head scurrying across a parking lot sans body, but then that would've be far less fun, wouldn't it?

Arguably one of the best teen horror films of the 90s and one that, for me at least, sparked a glorious romance with Josh Hartnett which has so far lasted 17 years, since the The Faculty was released in 1998. The plot was relatively simple; as the teachers become increasingly creepy and spaced out, the kids suss that something untoward is going down and accurately conclude that the school is being taken over by aliens. But how? And why? And, most importantly, who?

Thankfully, Harnett was on the case as Zeke Tyler, the drug pusher-come-scientist who passes off caffeine as cocaine, which, funnily enough, is the one thing that wards off these unearthly creatures. One swift stab of a caffeine filled biro to the eye (or just a simple snort) would induce violent reactions and thus give away their true identity. Like so:

So, it's been 17 years since the potential devastation to Ohio via alien overlords was prevented and the cast have since moved on with their lives. Check out what they look like now:

Marybeth Louise Hutchinson - Laura Harris

Casey Connor - Elijah Wood

Delilah Profitt - Jordana Brewster

Zeke Tyler - Josh Hartnett

Stan Rosado - Shawn Hatosy

Stokely Mitchell - Clea DuVall

Gabe Santora - Usher Raymond

Miss Burke - Famke Janssen

Coach Willis - Robert Patrick

Principal Drake - Bebe Neuwirth

Source: IMDB & WiffleGif


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