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Thomas Marsula

At another attempt to get Syndicate X on the map here is another superhero introduction. This one is for Jessica Dalu the official real leader and founder of Syndicate X. She passes the torch to Zeak. She is my reflection of what I thought she was or could be. She’s also a part of me I still develop more each day. She’s was a basic concept that turned what made Syndicate X so cool to write and create. I had a lot of female influences in my life. This short article is give a bit more about her and more articles will be made to make a thing that’s official. People want new superheroes so here you go.

Introducing Jessica Dalu is based off my first childhood crush. I had little to go on since I was such a nervous wreck at the time. When I wrote about her when she left she started off as a side reflection of myself if I was a young woman. I seemed to have just as much to my feminine side to my masculine side. Thus it’s the reason I believe Jessica became a mix of both sides of me. She became the sarcastic side who loved to fight and go out and be the active one in the relationship. It stemmed from me being a coward and grew into something I wanted to become more of. That’s why I intentionally made Jessica stronger than Zeak.

She wears purple baggy pants with multiple pockets a white t-shirt and a purple jacket and matching purple cap. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the same age as Zeak. She was brought over to Zeak’s house so they could be play pals. Her first remark made him determined to impress her making him feel like he needed to show off just a bit. She started the relationship with a kiss. She saw Zeak’s father pull him away and almost kill him. When they split up Jessica took care of Tony and self-taught herself how to survive in the slums. She was the one who created the name Syndicate X. In many respects she is the true leader of the team. After surviving for several years she handed over temporary control to Zeak only to make him feel better. She still guided him to make most of the decisions he will make. Without her Zeak would have no purpose to fight.

She has the power to manipulate or create water. Though it is her main focus in magic while out in the slums she learned to do smaller fire based attacks. Since it’s not the element she focused on it drains her faster. So she mainly uses water but has a backup plan just in case. She is strong willed and will use deception to fake out enemies. Her main problem is she loves to make bets about everything. She addicted to gambling and has led to a lot of bets dealing with fights. She taught herself how to fight while surviving with Tony. In her travels she met up with Dajh. She told him about what happened and what she planned to do next. He obliged with her request wanting to see his older brother again. She instructed him with her clever plan to meet him again to form the team known as Syndicate X. She cleverly took an easy way out and had outfits made online but she used her excellent sarcasm to lie to Zeak. Even knowing he still thanked her and he would help her make more as more team members started joining in.


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