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Are you a germaphobe? Do you clean your hands with hand sanitizer every time you shake hands with someone? Are you a Hypochondriac? If you are or do any of these things do not watch this movie. Its a Scientific thriller. And believe me the way it has been directed and portrayed on screen it can happen to us any day!

The movie directed by Steven Soderbergh known for his Ocean’s series has done an amazing job of scaring us. So coming to the movie, it has a star cast starring Matt Damon, Marion Cottilard, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. For people with strong hearts its a must watch. You know those thrillers were there’s a build up before the main scene? the turning point of the movie where you are well prepared to deal with the fact that something bad has happened. Well this movie has very little build up, the wheels start rolling from the very first scene; and the music, my god the music, it makes you stay glued to your screen throughout the movie.

Matt Damon has proved well beyond doubt that he can enact any given scene to him, some of the scenes were so naturalistic that i felt it was happening right in front of me. It has also shone light on human survival instinct. At the time of an epidemic, emergency when resources are scarce you dont care who is in front of you, you just want to survive. The story is very well written and the screenplay is well paced. This movie is not based on Dr.Robin Cook’s Book of the same name. But the story does feel like it’s a page ripped out of the heart of a Robin Cook Book. Jude Law has beautifully portrayed the role of a cynic journalist who blogs his views about the situation.

The movie is based on an epidemic, that’s all I’m gonna give you. The best part of the movie was the ending, the way they have shown the epidemic’s origin, so simple so probable. This movie has reached my thriller’s list and is on the top. I rate this movie a 9/10.

Steven Soderbergh has managed to create more germaphobes.


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