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Everyone who loves horror, and even those who don't know the three big names in modern horror: Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorehees. They have many things in common, from wielding blades and murdering teenagers,to being downright terrifying. But they also have another thing in common: To an extent, none of them can die. Freddy cannot be killed unless dragged out of the dream realm, Jason cannot die because of a death curse and then there's Michael, who despite everything, will not die.

Why is that? We have seen him suffer multiple wounds or various other things that would kill a normal human being. As far as we know, Michael is seemingly human with a curse to kill his whole family. Other than that, there's not much of a supernatural aspect to him. So how does he keep surviving? Is there some sort of hidden secret we're not seeing? He has been in nine films, (wasn't in Halloween III) and suffers something that we think will kill him and it doesn't. He keeps managing to escape and return again and again to kill. Not even time moving forward stops him. It's like he doesn't age. Here are several factors that should have caused Michael's demise in each film.

Halloween (1978) - Knitting needle, knife, gunshots, falling.

What happened: Michael was stabbed in the side of the neck with a knitting needle, stabbed with his own knife, shot six times, and fell out of a second story window and onto the patio below. Yet, his body isn't there. Any one of those things or even all of them combined should have killed him.

Halloween II (1981) -Gunshots, explosion, fire

What happened: Laurie fires two shots at Michael, aiming at his head and seriously injuring his eyes. Then Dr. Loomis blows up a surgery room and Michael catches fire. Michael staggers out before falling down dead as his body burns. There are mentions of the possibility of Samhain and the occult being the reason for Michael being indestructible, but it's never fully explained at this point in time.

Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) - Car, gunshots, falling

What happened: Turns out he wasn't dead in the second film, only in a coma. Michael is hit by a car and sent flying and shot repeatedly until he falls down a mineshaft. You think that'd be enough to kill the guy, but oh no. He comes right back for the next one.

Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)- Car, tranquilizers, beating.

What happened: Michael is in a car wreck after crashing into a tree and by all appearances he's dead. But then he's perfectly fine. Loomis injects a ton of tranquilizers and then violently beats Michael. All it does is knock Michael out and cause Loomis to have a stroke.

Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) -Corrosive liquid, lead pipe

What happened: Michael is injected with a corrosive liquid, possibly acid and then beaten with a lead pipe. Loomis goes back to finish him off only to find Michael's mask on the ground. We don't see Michael but we hear Loomis screaming offscreen. In this film, we finally learn why Michael doesn't die. There was a curse placed on him that would cause him to kill his family as a blood sacrifice.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)- Stabbing, falling, car, beheading

What happens: Michael is stabbed by Laurie with knives and he falls out of a balcony. Later, he's thrown through a windshield and pinned between the car and tree, before he's beheaded. But as fate would have it, it's not Michael who died. He escaped yet again.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)- Electrocution

What happens: Michael is tangled up in electrical wire after being electrocuted. His body is taken to the morgue and as the medical examiner is examining his corpse, Michael's eyes open.

Overall Thoughts

I personally liked the first few movies because you really didn't know why Michael did what he did or what was driving him. The idea that a child just turned to murder for no reason was just fascinating and the idea that he's not human, but rather a boogeyman is just amazing. The fact that he won't die sort of symbolizes earlier on that no matter how many times you try and destroy it, evil will come back. That's what makes it so compelling.

Then they made the whole curse of Thorn placed on him the reason he became a killer and the whole thing just sort of ruined it for me. He wasn't exactly scary anymore because you think if he hadn't been cursed, it's possible he could have just lived a normal life and that just ruins the overall image I have of him.

Yes, there were good plot points and it kept you on the edge of your seat, just waiting for him to come back, not knowing how or why, wondering if he really was the Boogeyman.

All I can say is the later movies ruined the magic for me. I think they could have just left the idea of what drove Michael open ended.


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