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Since we began learning about and venturing out into space, we've been wondering if there is intelligent life on other planets. Are we alone? Is there someone else out there? What knowledge could they possess? Are they looking to kill us? Should we try to kill them? Do they have force sensitive beings and a death star?

Okay, maybe that last one isn't something people have been asking for a while. Or ever for that matter. But with some recent information I happened upon while on the fantastic website I Fucking Love Science and an amazing discovery up in the cosmos, that last question did come to mind when I heard about this.

Last week, scientists happened upon a mysterious object orbiting a star 15,000 light years away. The star in question is named KIC 8462852. It's an older star and 1.5 times the size of our sun. The object in question is not spherical in shape and has an abnormal orbit meaning it's not a planet. It also doesn't emit light and is therefore not a star.

Moreover, this object is relatively new due to the age of the star. Had the object been there since the star's creation, it would have been consumed by the star due to the star's gravitational pull at this point. The object has caused a dip in the star's light emissions by up to 20%. The object is also believed to be almost half the size of the star.

So what do these smart scientists who found this object think it is? Comet debris that has lumped together. I know. Not very exciting.

However, there is one astrophysicist from Pennsylvania University named Jason Wright who brought up the theory that it might be a Dyson Sphere.

The Traveler from Destiny, also a Dyson Sphere
The Traveler from Destiny, also a Dyson Sphere

Dyson Spheres orbit around suns and harness the solar energy on a massive scale to power civilizations. Currently something only theorized and employed in sci fi books, movies, tv shows, and video games.

Now a lot of the necessary elements for a Dyson Sphere are not showing. The first being the large amounts of infrared radiation that it would most definitely be generating after using the solar energy. But that's only if it's active. It could just be remnant of an extinct alien civilization. Or it was abandoned because the star was growing too much.

We don't really know what it is, especially since it is 15,000 light years away. Meaning what we're seeing actually happened 15,000 years ago and isn't currently happening. We will not know for a while what this is or what it can do.

However, I'm going to throw out the idea that this is in fact a Death Star and we need to start building space cruisers and fighters and find the best pilots to take it on. All we need to do is fire proton torpedoes into the reactor core to set off a chain reaction to destroy the Death Star.

What do you think though?


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