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In honor of the upcoming Deadpool film, this list is for the Marvel characters that talk to their fans. Audiences love the surprise that characters can give them.

1. Deadpool

The title didn't give it away did it? The most famous of all the fourth wall break characters, Deadpool has always had a way to connect to his fans. Other characters in the comics are always confused when Deadpool turns away from them mid-conversation and starts to talk to nothing. Geeks love it when Wade Wilson puts on his suit.

2. She-Hulk

The first of Marvel to break the fourth wall, She-Hulk always made a fun appearance. She-Hulk would talk to her writers and explain how things needed to be changed, even once in a while communicating with the readers. Always more comfortable in her She-Hulk form, rarely does she break the fourth wall as Jennifer Walters.

3. Loki

That damn title ruined it again. DAMN IT! Okay so Loki is the trickster of the Marvel Comics. Reigned as the Lord of Mischief, Loki rarely breaks the fourth wall for the humor of the audience, but merely just for himself. Tricking characters and making them confuse reality, Loki is definitely awesome.

4. Cable

Fan favorite Cable has lately been associated with his team-ups with Deadpool. Obviously they needed a double trouble worth of forth wall breaks. This genetically enhanced mutant travels to the future to prevent future tragedies, this causes a lot of conversations between him, the writers, and the audience.

5. The Watcher

Uatu the Watcher serves as a protector of Earth. This alien talks to the readers addressing them as mortals, and acting as a narrator for the scene that he is in. Saving Earth from countless enemies, The Watcher will always be a fan favorite.

6. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the innocent version of Deadpool. Always messing with the enemy and saying smart remarks to the audience, Spider-Man makes a comic book fun to read. Sometimes his quick remarks get him into more trouble but he always finds a way to crawl out of the problem.....get it.

7. Howard the Duck

This out of his time duck makes sure the audience knows his story. He has a very exciting life but he really wants to make sure people know what he is doing, so what better way than to talk to his readers.

Which one was your favorite? Can you think of any more? Comment below!


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