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While superhero films have recently gained a lot of attention and are some of the biggest box-office draws these days, they've been around for quite a while. Mostly being based off competing comicbook companies Marvel and DC. But every so often we get a film that stand on its own. The film we are talking about in this case, is Sky High. For those of you unfamiliar, Sky High was a film released in 2005, about our young protagonist Will Stronghold, who goes to a high school specifically for kids with superpowers. So why is this movie one of the best? Well, there are a number of reasons.


No I don't mean in the sense that we all have superpowers like flying or super strength, but that it is still a movie about kids living growing up and going to high school. While there is some cheesiness in it, being an older Disney film and all, there was some truth about it. Will had to go through things like bullies, school stress, teen rebellion, and seeing where he belonged, either with the "heroes" who had awesome powers like him, or the "sidekicks" who he's known longer who have the lesser powers. A lot of these (except for the powers part) are things we have to go through in our high school lives. This movie does a good job of capturing that.


I'm not generally a fan of a lot of Disney comedy. It's for the most part incredibly cheesy and the jokes fall pretty flat. That being said though, I would be lying if I said this movie didn't have me laughing or at least smiling through most of it. While there was some cheesiness, it did try and stray away from it or at least do something different than the dumb one-liners that Disney is used to. Will was somewhat of a smart mouth but also really clueless, and the supporting cast helped as well, with the humor feeling somewhat similar to that of the current MCU.

Plenty of Hero fights

That fight up there is SO intense right? All kidding aside this IS still a superhero movie, so it's only natural we see some cool powered beings fighting (well, for a PG Disney movie that is). There's an altercation where Will fights his arch nemesis Warren Peace, who basically has the abilities of The Human Torch, then they eventually team up against other students in a "Hero vs Villains" game. At the very end we have Will go up against the fierce Royal Pain to save the world. All this isn't even counting the fights the minor characters have with each other. While it isn't all rustle and tussle as other movies, I don't think this movie will leave you with a feeling of lacking hero showdowns.

It's for everyone

To be honest, anyone from any age group can watch this film and still find enjoyment from this film. It reaches out to the younger group with it's friendly tone, teens with just how close it can hit to home, and adults to, since this isn't exactly a boring nor cliche Disney movie. 10 years after it's been released and I can still watch it with the same excitement and awe as I did when I was about 7 years old. It can reach out to anyone and touch them in different ways, unlike many other hero films these days.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article. Did you agree with my points? What did you think of Sky High? Have I convinced you to watch it? Let me know in the comments, and follow me for more content.



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