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Marvel have dropped some pages from the All New All Different Avengers. It's interesting to see how this new team develops especially with Miles Morales in there. The Inclusion of Spider-Man Miles Morales is a good one and interesting to see how he adapts to his new world. Kamala Khan is another character who we have not seen much of but just like Morales, it will be interesting to see how she fits into her first ever team.

The team is a mixture of old and new. You have the experience of Iron Man and Vision and the refreshing new members of Miles Morales aka Spider-Man, Marvel, Nova, Captain America and Thor.

This new team is assembled to face off with a mysterious warlord from “beyond the stars” with aims to conquer the Earth.

the All New All Different Avengers is written by Mark Waid, with art by Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar. Here is some cover art and pages from the upcoming issue.

I especially like the last picture....Miles Morales aka Spider-Man at the centre with a badass demeanor about him. All in all I am looking forward to seeing how the new Avengers pans out. Already I prefer the lineup to the old team/s. The diversity is a huge plus....and it has Sam Wilson, Jane Foster and Spider-Man! What else do you need?


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