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A nice fan theory on SuperheroHype forums might have cracked the mysterious case on who could be the potential threat in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The theory is that the actual villain is none other than OMAC's. OMAC's are human beings transformed into cyborg killing machines by a virus designed to take down any and all superhumans. Here is some of the evidence they gave to prove the OMAC theory.

The Lexcorp logo looks visually striking to the color scheme the OMAC cyborg has in the picture.

The eye blast we see from the OMAC cyborg in the comic panel above looks very similar to the one we saw Batman grapple away from in the trailer.

And if the NOT most concluding piece of evidence there is to this theory.

"It’s about safety. This is a product that will protect you, and everyone, from threats you don’t even know about yet. I don’t want to scare anybody… much. But there are a lot of threats out there, and they’re here today.”

This is from the Lexcorp site quoted by none other than Lex Luthor himself. Now most of you probably passed by over this quote but what he says really makes the OMAC theory sound plausible. In context, he is basically saying he created a product that is designed to protect humanity against supernatural threats. The OMAC's are designed to eliminate all superhumans, and seeing the aftereffects of the battle in Man of Steel, it's not hard to see Lex building this kind of weapon. If you still have trouble understanding the OMAC's, take a look at the Sentinels from the X-Men series. Anyways, I bet your all wondering what this has to do with the Superman soldiers and Batman right?

Lex Luthor has been build building OMAC's since Man of Steel.

The world it seems like has been very edgy since what happened in Man of Steel. So knowing Lex Luthor he probably came up with the idea to make a world a safer place. Even though Lex on the Lexcorp says their "product" is now just being created, I honestly believe Lex has been working on the OMAC's for quite awhile now. Getting test subject from test subject(Illegally of course) to create this new weapon he is trying to build to "protect the world" from any and all threats. But unfortunately for Lex, the subjects he has been working on aren't enough to create the weapon he really wants to build and there just really enhanced begins programmed to serve under Lex. He realizes he needs the right push to kickstart his program and here where things get really interesting.

Superman soldiers are actually low-level OMAC's.

Yes...I said it. I believe the Superman soldiers aren't actually some cult or anything like that, but low-level OMAC'S that Lex has been creating for awhile secretly that are dressed as soldiers "to aid" Superman. This goes with one of the theories that these soldiers are really working for Lex Luthor to watch after Superman. But here's where the trickery comes in:these soldiers are actually tasked with appearing as some type of cult who worships Superman like some messiah and are only following in his path to world peace....or so it seems. These soldiers catch the eyes of not only Superman but the entire world and Superman goes over there to investigate these mysterious soldiers. Batman being Batman is obviously very paranoid of Superman so he goes over to investigate to see what it's all about. When Superman arrives, the OMAC's obviously appear to be worshipers and this is the response Superman gets when he arrives.

But obviously these aren't all of their orders. The other order that Lex gave is to kill innocent civilians and make it appear as if Superman is responsible for these soldiers.

When Batman sees this violence he is obviously outraged and goes into action right away. It would explain alot as to why Batman is struggling to beat these soldiers as there not just ordinary soldiers but Lex's creations that are assigned to "rattle the cages". Now if Batman did indeed snap that soldier's neck and kill him, then he wouldn't be at fault since their not technically human anymore.

When it's all said and done, the event sparks worldwide controversy and the world thinks Superman is trying to start some kind of "regime" to take over the world as they see the soldiers with patches and even start to be distrustful of the alien even more now. And this type of controversy causes the government to speak with Superman...but hold on! A certain someone is obviously going to make sure that his agenda will be pushed all the way.

Why would Lex Luthor be talking to a government official? It's not like it's some type of party or business meeting, it's behind closed doors and knowing someone like Lex who's really deceptive, there something at stake. Lex is possibly the Senator that if the government allows his OMAC project to go into full effect and make Superman his lapdog for various reasons, that the world will be a safer place overall. She agrees and Superman is called to speak with Congress.

And adding into the destruction of Man of Steel and the controversial outbreak that has happened, the government puts Superman under restrictions and asks him to answer directly to Lex Luthor. It would explain as why Superman would be seen bowing down to the trailer.

And with Lex Luthor now having the government permission to dive into his project, the OMAC project finally goes into full effect.

And we all know who's inside that crate right?

With Lex having everything he needs, he can start campaigning to look like the good guy with his secret project that could protect humanity from any and all threats. And since Lex has a "upgraded source" to really initiate his project well...just be on the look out.

The OMAC theory has exploded all over and is looking like a theory that could very well possibly end up being true in the film. There's so much significant evidence that it kind of hard to go against. Now we could still be wrong, but it's looking more and more plausible than the Doomsday and Bizzaro theory overall.

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