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The Diabolical is a horror film that's currently making its rounds through the film festival circuit. While the jury may still be out on how great a horror film it is, there are several clear reasons why this film out performs other horror movies this year.

Yes, the movie is your standard haunted house film on the surface. It becomes clear after a while, however, that there is more that meets the eye with this film about scary things that go bump in the night.

Features a Strong, Motherly Lead

It's hard to find a strong female lead in the horror genre, but a strong motherly lead is even scarcer. Actress, Ali Larter plays a fierce, single mother named Madison. What's great about Madison is that she's never afraid to do what she has to do to keep her kids safe in a home that is clearly haunted. There's no question this mom loves her children and even though things go from bad to worse, Madison continues to fight for her little ones at all cost.

Atmospheric Scares With Limited Jump Scares

One of the horror cliches fans are getting sick of are empty movies that rely on jump scares. This movie, however, takes a classic approach to the horror genre and builds its scares based on atmosphere. The special effects are very impressive and the ghosts have an unconventional appearance. A scary atmosphere along with great special effects makes for a much better movie experience than your standard "jump in your face fare."

A Twist Science Fiction Ending

As far as I know, I've never seen a haunting explained liked this before. There's very little I can say about it without ruining the ending, but the end is so twisty I would have never seen it coming. The best part is that it has a science fiction edge to it that's completely original and causes it to become an entirely different genre within the final moments of the film. The ending completely sets you up for a second watch as you'll be dying to go back and look for the clues that point you towards the shocking conclusion.

The Diabolical is by no means a perfect film. It could have filled in some plot holes and skipped some cliches, but if it set out to deliver something horror fans have never seen before, it certainly succeeded.


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