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As you may have heard already, the planned sixth installment of the Die Hard series is going to be a prequel, and will star a younger John McClane than we've ever seen before. Because of this, I would like to suggest some talented, young actors that have what it takes to portray this character as Bruce Willis has, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Chances are this didn't come as a surprise to you since Levitt played such a good young Bruce Willis in Looper already. He's already shown what a little makeup can do for him to pull off a character of this caliber, and if he did that again, I don't think anyone would have a problem with it.

2. Chris Evans

Possibly one of the biggest rising stars in the last five years, Evans has what it takes to play just about any action role. He's gone from playing young hot-shots like Johnny Storm, to big, strong, clean cut action heroes like Captain America. He has the charm, the grit, and the cheesy one liners to play this character to the full extent he can be played.

3. Taron Egerton

Egerton has proved his worth as an action star in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and I'm fully convinced that he has what it takes to fill the shoes of Bruce Willis. He has the jawline and look for the character, and if given the role, I believe that it could expand his career greatly, and possibly restore this franchise to its previous excellence.

4. Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien is one of the biggest rising action stars out there right now, and I think that taking on young John McClane would do nothing but wonders for his career. He might not look the part as much as some of the other actors on this list, but he has what it takes as an actor and an action star to blow this role out of the water.

5. Scott Eastwood

While Scott Eastwood is most famous for being the son of a different legendary badass, I think that he could do great playing a young Bruce Willis. He certainly has the skills, and his father's chiseled jaw, so I think that he could do a great job.

6. Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend has recently made a name for himself by playing the coincidentally bald Agent 47 in Hitman Agent 47, and I think he could keep expanding his career by taking a role like this. He looks like a young Bruce Willis, he has the skills it takes to fill his shoes, and I think he could do great in the role.

7. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is one of the biggest action stars right now, and I can guarantee that he would draw every kind of crowd to the box office. He has similar facial features to Willis, the action star look and capabilities, and the leading man star power that would come in handy for a role like this.

8. Liam Hemsworth

Hemsworth might be a little different from all of the other choices I've made, but I still think that he could be a fitting, young McClane. He has practically everything an action star would need for this role, and could bring himself more into the spotlight by taking it.

9. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is so hot right now that I don't think anybody would have problem with him being cast as anyone. His greatest skill is balancing his skills as an action star with a healthy dose of humor, and he could bring those attributes to the role.

10. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

What, you didn't see that coming?
What, you didn't see that coming?

Johnson has proved several times that he has what it takes to be the leading action star, and I think that he could do the same with this movie. He has all the characteristics to play a young John McClane, as shown by his role in Godzilla, and I think that he has all of the qualities needed for this character.


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