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Justice League is coming to theaters before we know it, and DC has to be thinking of ways they could compete with Marvel. So DC has been met with scrutiny with their choices for Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Flash (Ezra Miller), and to some degree Ben Affleck as Batman. I have a cast that I think would help round out the rest of the uncast heroes.

Zach Efron - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is opposite of John Stewart. He's brash, loose, a little self centered, trash talking fun living hero. Like Stewart he's a good guy. Some people see the name Efron and scoff at it, but don't be so quick to pass judgment. Efron may have produced a bad film in That Awkward moment, but he wasn't bad by any means (the script was). He killed in Neighbors as the frat boy. This could help shed a new light on Efron and I'm confident he would be excellent as Hal Jordan. Plus Hal and Flash are bffs Ezra and Zach make a sick one two punch.

Dayo Okeniyi- John Stewart/Green Lantern

Okeniyi is a solid actor and he's an excellent choice to bring out the hard nosed, leader, alpha quality that Stewart exudes. He was really good in his small roles in Terminator and Hunger Games. Dayo has a commanding presence on screen so he shouldn't be overshadowed.

David Oyelowo - J'onn J'onzz/ Martian Manhunter

MM is one of DCs strongest heroes. He's one of my favorite heroes and I can't see anyone more perfect thank David Oyelowo to play him. Over a year ago I used him and since then I've googled him to see if he has been recast in this role and there aren't many the results are minute. Anywho, I'm kinda doing something lame by reusing him, but DC needs to jump on an actor of this caliber. Oyelowo's resume is fantastic as Martin Luther King in Selma he was brilliant portraying an the face of the Civil Rights movement and American icon. He's had many other roles where he shined like in Red Tails as the cocky Joe Little. He played another strong character in The Butler as Louis Gaines. And again in HBO's Nightingale as Peter Snowden he was absolutely fantastic.

Garrett Hedlund - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

I would like nothing more than to see Amell reprise his role dude is a beast but it won't happen. I believe. Hedlund would kill it. I must admit Hedlund is one of my favorite actors. I've watched him grow on screen from Troy, Four Brothers, Tron, Unbroken. Time and time again he stood out on screen. As Arrow he would get to play a role he fits so well a playboy billionaire turned hero. For this film he would be similar to the shows version, except he's fighting his way out of his personal hell. Fan Cast coming soon

Brian Cranston - Doctor Fate

Fantastic actor with the voice to pull it off convincingly. As Walter White he became extremely popular because of his range and character development. He showed the range from weak and timid to powerful and scary. In Argo as Jack O'Donnell the Boss to Ben Aflleck's character he was great in a supporting role. In Total Recall he did a great job in an ok movie as the boss, Cohaagen. This is the perfect role for him and DC would be wise to snatch him up.

Barda - Gina Carano

Barda is villain beige she becomes a Birds of Prey and JL hero. Barda could be a story of her own, raised to be a warrior in Darkseids army trained by Granby Goodness only to turn over a new leaf. Barda, for this film would be a former warrior from Darkseids army. She would be forced into teaming up with WW and Superman as they head to battle to face Granny Goodness. Gina Carano may not be the best actress, but she has built a nice resume for herself. She was great in Haywire and did her think in Fast 6. She will be featured as Angel Dust in the upcoming Deadpool movie which would be a pretty decent intro to the super hero genre. She could have easily been Wonder Woman, but as Barda she would be pretty excellent.

There you have it, some other JL members and actors I think would do well in a movie. I will post some other heroes in my up coming fan cast I just needed to get this off my chest. What do you guys/gals think?


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