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Both heroes are very formidable fighters with high experience in the field of heroism.But when both are pitted against each other, it's time for the truth. The truth is what I'll explain. So who would win? Batman vs Moon Knight!

Lets start with the original first: Batman!

Batman (Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

Batman is first off one of the best heroes in the DC universe.

Master Martial Artist:Batman has been said to be trained in every martial art known to man, and out of every single one of those forms of fighting, he knows 127 that are deadly. These 127 are the main forms of fighting that make up his normal fighting style. He is known to change his styles in order to become unpredictable to his opponents. His primary style of combat though is a mixture of Judo, Ninjitsu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Boxing, Karate and Dragon Style Kung Fu.

  • Batman's Daily Routine:

Because of his training, Batman has also mastered nearly all weapons known to man, even most firearms--even though he despises these last, considering them cowards's weapons, and repeatedly avoids using them himself. Batman's combat skill surpasses most metahumans and normal men, and he even knows every pressure point and nerve strike in the human body, as well as Dim Mak ("death touch") techniques. These can cause dangerous pain to his enemies which can lead to dizziness, numbness, unconsciousness, temporary paralysis, disorientation, and even death. He even battled the Karate Kid, a hero who has mastered every martial art in the universe.


And won.

He's faced off against Deathstroke the Terminator .

Weapons and Equipment

Batman is most notable for his use of gadgetry. Due to his wealth, money is no obstacle to the development of various gadgets and paraphernalia he uses in fighting crime. The most recognizable of these is the Batarang, a razor throwing weapon that has a returning ability similar to a boomerang. This was slowly replaced by his grappling hook as a favored gadget over time. Other items include smoke or flash grenades, caltrops, a re-breather, and various types of anti-venom. The heels of his boots have a sonic device which can summon a swarm of bats to his location. This allows for dramatic escapes or diversions to keep his enemies busy. Superman entrusted Batman with a green kryptonite-jeweled ring in order to stop him should he ever go rogue.

  • Bat suit

The Bat-Suit is an experimental military body armor that is too expensive for the military to produce. Various bat-suit designs have appeared over the years, but all maintain the fact that Bruce's suit is tear resistant, bulletproof, and immune to temperature extremes(it will not melt if in contact with fire, etc.). The suit is shock absorbent and acid resistant. It is made to rebound punches and kicks. When he is unable to defend himself, his mask emits knock out gas and electrical shocks to attackers who are attempting to remove any part of his gear. The Bat-Suit has shown that it has an outer layer that can be shed when trapped, and it also masks any DNA on his suit. However, despite all this protection, the suit has shown vulnerabilities to sharp objects, like knives, and Batman has sometimes decreased the amount of armor in the suit to increase mobility. In the past, Batman wore a bright yellow chest plate with a bat-symbol on it, to distract enemies from targeting his face and instead focusing on the plate which is reinforced with kevlar, giving Batman extra protection.

  • Cowl

The cowl has a computer link directly to the Bat computer. The mask has a hollow bat-ear assembly containing a directional microphone, telescoping high gain antenna and a fiber optic coaxial cable. It also contains an audio processor that can transmit and receive audio which can be augmented for better hearing, or even completely shut down when dealing with an opponent that uses sonic weaponry. The cowl contains a built-in recorder that is constantly recording, and the information is stored in the cowl archives for later reference. The lens can also magnify his vision and serves also as a lie detector. They also come with x-ray, thermal, sonar, and night vision. It has face recognition and can give information about the people around him. It also protects him against throat trauma, and its internal comm-link enables voice command over various equipment including grapple hooks, face recognition softwares and vehicles.

  • Gloves/gaunlets

Batman's gloves, or gauntlets, are very handy as in addition to covering his hands so that he will not leave fingerprints behind, they come with a high-velocity Bat-rope and a wrist laser. They can also emit a high voltage surge of electricity to stun enemies and shoot, out their forearms, spikes, smoke pellets and anesthetic gas. Each gauntlet has three spiked fringes emerging from it, and they can be fired at an opponent or used to defend against, or even break the blades of, swords.

  • Cape

Throughout many revisions, all the versions of Batman's cape still retain the scalloped wing design at the bottom of the cape, which is instrumental in intimidating criminals. The cape is made from a "memory fiber," which is based on a nylon derivative, allowing it to flow like any fabric, but through an electrical surge applied by Batman's gloves, it becomes stiff and takes on a distinctive shape, thus functioning in a way similar to a parachute, used to slow Batman's fall and allow him short-range "gliding" flight. It is flame-resistant (to temperatures which have not been conclusively gauged) and can be used to help conceal Batman in the shadows, to protect him from debris as a result from explosions, and even, sometimes, as a weapon in combat.

  • Utility belt

Batman’s Utility Belt is one of his most iconic pieces of equipment. Batman had designed the pockets to be locked, and only he knows how to open them. His belt has a security device on it where it can electrically shock someone or detonate an explosive device to prevent anyone from tampering with it. It is made of a leather strap with a solid steel buckle. There are also compartments that hold collapsible "Batarangs." Other equipment Batman carries include various kinds of venom to stun his opponents in his utility belt and boots, as seen in Batman: Year One.

It is a crime fighting kit that batman has outfitted to contain only the most advanced of technologies. Its contents include batarangs, a grappling hook, forensics kit (used on crime scenes), and electronic communicators.

Some gadgets include:

EMP emitter

Energy deflector



Batarangs (cryogenic, explosive, electric, boomerang, and so on)

Sonic grenades

Sonic Gun

Sonic Emitter

Hard light gun

Grapple Gun

Plastique explosive

Smoke Pellets

Rocket Patch

Tranquilizer darts

Miniature explosives


Anti-Fire foam gun

Gas mask

Lock Picking tool

Antidotes for poisons and Scarecrow's fear toxin

Kryptonite ring

Batmobile controller

Electrical sticks

  • Vehicles:

While he is in physical peak and has many gadgets, Batman has had numerous vehicles to help him get the jump on villains. Bat-cars(Batmobiles), Bat-Planes, Bat-Boats, and other vehicles have been used by Batman to get to locations in record time. The most famous vehicle is the Bat-car or Batmobile. The Batmobile can drive up to Mach 1. These vehicles can be controlled by Alfred from the Bat-Cave, or by voice-command from Batman himself. For more information on Batman's vehicles, view their individual pages.

Away from Batman and on to Moon Knight!!!

Moon Knight

Martial artist: Due to his multiple personalities, Moon Knight possesses formidable psychic resistance and most telepathic or mental attacks are less effective on him. It has also been noted by several people that Moon Knight possesses an extraordinary degree of pain tolerance and has casually ignored debilitating wounds and major injuries to keep fighting.

Throughout his varied careers as a boxer, marine, commando, and CIA agent, Moon Knight possesses a wide range of skills and abilities including military strategy and tactics, infiltration and stealth techniques, military interrogation and torture techniques, driver evasion techniques, and is a competent pilot who can fly most types of aircrafts. He is an expert in a wide variety of military firearms including pistols, sniper rifles, and machine guns with a marksman rating. His military training and background makes him not only an unconventional hero, he can and will use drastic means and extreme violence to stop criminals.

Moon Knight is a highly skilled combatant who is equally adept in both unarmed and armed fighting techniques; he is a former heavyweight boxing champion who has comprehensive knowledge of the weak points of the human body. Moon Knight's fighting style is brutal and straight to the point and combines techniques from Krav Maga, Dambe, Savate, Silat and FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) to put down his opponents as quickly and as painfully as possible. He also has advanced skills in Judo, Kung Fu and is an Olympic-class athlete, acrobat and gymnast.

Taskmaster claims that there is no one's fighting style that he hates copying more than Moon Knight's. This is because unlike most other fighters, Moon Knight prefers not to block or evade an attack or injury if it allows him the opportunity to counterattack his opponent; much like how some boxers will actually court their opponent to attack and trusting in their stamina and ability to take punishment.

He is also highly adept in various conventional and unconventional weaponry as well including shurikens and thrown projectiles, combat knives and swords, batons, truncheons, bo staffs, nunchucks, three-sectional staffs, longbows, chains, and bolos.

Thanks to his extensive experience in criminal investigations, Moon Knight has also picked up a surprising degree of skill as a detective including how to profile psychopathic behavior and a broad base knowledge of the criminal underworld.

When he became the Fist of Khonshu and was possessed by Khonshu, Moon Knight gained superhuman powers derived from the moon itself. During this period, Moon Knight had enhanced strength, stamina, and reflexes based on the lunar phase of the moon. He was at his strongest during a full moon, as he could lift the weight of 2 tons and at normal strength when there is a no moon, where he could lift around 700 lbs. He could also see magical beings that normal humans cannot see and possessed night vision as well. Moon Knight could also become invisible in a shadowed area and had a "healing factor" that allowed his wounds to quickly heal when shined in moonlight.

After the exorcism of Khonshu from his body, Moon Knight appears to have lost most of his powers but there is speculation that he may or may not retain some aspect of them. He still appears to receive prophetic visions and a connection to Khonshu but it is unknown just how much is actually Khonshu's influence or Marc Spector's own mental hallucinations.

He's even fought the incredible Task Master!

As commented by Taskmaster himself, Moon knight's fighting style is the worst to copy (besides Deadpools).Making him a formidable foe

Weapons and Equipment: Even though Moon Knight has utilized a wide variety of weapons throughout his career, his most widely utilized and best known are his crescent darts.

The crescent darts are sharpened metal throwing weapons similar in size to Japanese shurikens and visually appear to be based on the Gibbous moon. Moon Knight has often concealed a crescent dart in his hand and in the past has used them for close quarters combat; as his calling card; and during certain parts of his career--even using them as makeshift gruesome carving tools into his victims.

Moon Knight can hurl several of these darts simultaneously with impressive force and accuracy as well as performing deflection shots. In addition, he has utilized crescent dart throwers; mechanical devices mounted on his wrists that enable him to discharge a barrage of crescent darts at high velocities for better penetration and offensive spread patterns.

Over the years, he has employed crescent darts forged out of silver for anti-werewolf use; specially modified explosive crescent darts that detonated on impact; as well as ones forged out of unbreakable adamantium alloy that can cut through virtually anything.

Another signature weapon that Moon Knight frequently makes use of is a specially modified truncheon.

Originally forged out of reinforced stainless steel, he later had it adapted to include a gas-propelled grappling hook with an attached cable reel inside which enables him to ascend or descend from buildings or swing around a fixed point. The 12 inch long truncheon weighed about 12 pounds and he could use a club and blunt instrument.

Moon Knight's trusty truncheon has undergone numerous upgrades over the course of his career and has be refitted to have a nunchaku mode or an extendible 8-foot long bo staff mode. Some models have been forged out of unbreakable Adamantium and he also had certain models capable of acting like a taser or projecting an electronic disruptor field capable of knocking out electronics within a certain radius temporarily. He usually carries two identical truncheons.

Moon Knight has employed a variety of other weapons including a pair of silver coated cestus which were armored gauntlets like ancient boxing gloves with spiked knuckleguards to increase damage that they inflicted when he punched an opponent, particularly certain supernaturally enhanced individuals like werewolves. He has also utilized a longbow and arrows; a katana with a crescent moon-theme hilt guard; a three-sectional staff; and brass knuckles with spikes.

He has also carried a pair of TripWire Guns that fire crescent darts that are connected with a cable that enabled him to grapple, pin down, or entangle criminals with sufficient force to embed the darts into solid stone. The TripWire Guns also had a grappling hook mode or could deploy a parachute in an emergency.

While he was the Fist of Khonshu, he was given ancient Egyptian weapons by the followers of Khonshu. This included a golden ankh that he wielded a bludgeon and had the mystical property of glowing when he was in danger, golden scarab darts that replaced his crescent darts as his primary throwing weapon, an ivory boomerang engraved with protective runes, throwing irons, bolos, and a golden axe that could also be used as a grapnel. He retired these items after he was exorcised of Khonshu's presence.

He also utilized mechanical bracelets that replicate Spider-Man's webshooters, Captain America's energy shield, and a trio of retractable claws that mimic Wolverine.

Armor:Moon Knight has worn a variety of protective raiments over the years. Primarily, his default costume for years was a full body suit of bulletproof kevlar and was equipped with a two-way radio in his cowl that enabled him to maintain contact with the Mooncopter. In addition, his cape also functioned as a parachute and he could use it to paraglide for short distances. Recent modifications have enabled the paraglider cape to fit within a small backpack pouch for ease of movement and can be unfurled on command.

However he also has worn armored uniforms for better protection including a protective Adamantium Armor( the strongest metal in the mcu that's in Wolverine!!!) that also incorporated a pair of crescent dart throwers mounted on his wrists and a magnetic recall device for his truncheons. The Adamantium Armor retained the two-way radio in his cowl but also included a remote control device for the Angelwing and his glider cape.

He has also worn body armor made out of carbonadium that he claimed was as durable as adamantium but much more flexible. The Carbonadium Armor was able to protect him from large caliber bullets and by locking it's joints, enabled him to hold tremendous weights and giving him the appearance of superhuman strength as he once used it to prevent a building from collapsing.

The armor incorporated the crescent dart throwers mounted under his wrists, jump jets, a mini-laser torch, and had a deployable mini-Angelwing surveillance drone that had a camera that transmitted its feed to a micro-HUD which enabled him to scout out dangerous areas. The armor can also be remotely reassemble back to Moon Knight's body as well as the two-way radio/remote control system.

Vehicles: Moon Knight has numerous vehicles but his primary mode of transportation is the Mooncopter that is mainly piloted by Frenchie which is an advanced state-of-the-art VTOL which is also virtually silent.

In addition, he has utilized the Angelwing which was a smaller one-man aircraft but his more recent models have as a one-man crescent moon-shaped hangglider-like conveyance that he can remote control and has built-in turbines for long distance travel.

Moon Knight also has a moon-themed motorcycle and most recently, has employed a white stretch limousine equipped with advanced computers that he uses for crimefighting. All of his vehicles can be remote controlled and voice operated.



BATMAN.: here me out!

Moon Knight might although be enhanced with the powers of Khonsu, Batman has fought superhuman foes before like:

Deathstroke- a mercenary and assassin who uses 90% of his brain to fight his foes and the man who fought the Justice League.

fighting the atom
fighting the atom

he's fought other foes like Azrael who is much like Deathstroke in every way and has won.

But seriously Batman has mastered many forms of martial arts in fact every and has learned to counter many superhumans(pics are a little to much so this lecture will be better) like Clayface, Killer croc, Bear,and Amazo And many martial artists like Lady Shiva, Ras al Ghul, and Aikido Master, Nobody , Azrael, Talon, Black Spider, and many more and has trained some of DC's top martial artists.

Besides his skills, Batman is a master tactician and knows many ways to defeat his opponent depending on the situation. Using muscles to predict his opponents next move. Although Moon Knight can take a punch and feels no pain letting himself get hit to counter, Batman can catch along quickly and use pressure points to defeat the foe. Moon Knight knows expertise in many forms and weaponry like Batman and his mental breakdowns due to his personality disorder will be his ending.

Moon Knight might have indestructible armor like carbonatium or adamantium, but Batman's arsenal and manipulation of the fight would be Moon Knight's doom especially using exposed parts to turn the tide. Batman has also gained a mastery of countering many forms of weapons and has major willpower. In Court of the Owls. Batman drank drugged water without sleeping, and eating for days and still defeated the assassin Talon. And as you think you're winning...boom

Batman again is a master tactician using skill and mind to win a fight. And...... he's the worlds greatest detective.

Don't believe me. Tell me why you think Moon Knight would win. In fact he probably could defeat the Dark Knight under certain circumstances like under the Moon since Khonsu is the Moon god.


Who do you think wins?


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