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Happy Back to the Future Day! For nearly three decades we’ve been curious what October 21, 2015 would be like, and now we’re here. Lot of Back to the Future 2’s predictions didn’t come to pass (sorry hoverboard and flying car fans) but what Robert Zemeckis and Bon Gale did get right will blow your minds.

Marty Jr.’s Google Glass Goggles

Marty and Marlene McFly spend their entire dinner wearing goggles that are a combination of phone/video viewer. Looks like Google Glass to me!

Pope Francis’s Reflection in the Antique Store Window

When Marty first spots the ominous Gray’s Sports Almanac in the Antique Store window, you can clearly see the reflection of His Holiness Pope Francis in the glass. How Zemeckis and Gale could have known who would be pope in 2015 is anyone’s guess!

Marty McFly Exactly Predicts a Black President in 2015

A few moments after Marty arrives in 2015, you can hear him clearly announce there is a black president.

Elijah Wood Still Wears That Hat

Eagle-eyed viewers will recognize child actor Elijah Wood in the Café 80s. What you may not know is the Lord of the Rings and Wilfred star stills wears that exact same hat.

Bullies Do Wear Silver Helmets

I hate you Gary.
I hate you Gary.

This one is personal. Let’s just say that some of Gale & Zemeckis predictions were too accurate, and that 2015 is a cold, unforgiving time.

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