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Teen Titans: Some Titans I Would Like to See

I'm attempting to continue to establish a timeline with BvS plus my own fan cast that fit into the same timeline. With Ray Fisher already being established as Cyborg I would like to see more original members like Jesse Quick and Damage on the big screen. But, the Titans most of know consist of Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy along with Cyborg. This cast will be a mix of both. I have a mix of "fan favorites" and "original" picks. I followed the unknown themes DC went with for Cyborg with a few exceptions.

Leo Howard - Tim Drake/Red Robbin

He's been castes here before and I'm doing a retread because I think he's ideally suited to bring Tim Drake to life. Had Batman not been aged I would have liked to see him as Dick Grayson. Howard is oozing action potential with his fantastic skills and great charisma he would be excellent as any Robin. Forgive me for this one but I couldn't help it.

Courtney Eaton - Starfire

Not many films under her belt but she was great in Mad Max and she's playing in the upcoming movie Gods of Egypt. She has the perfect look to be Starfire and her acting isn't too shabby either.

Alice Englert - Raven

She's a young up and comic actress known for her role on beautiful creatures. She not only has the ideal look but she has what takes to plays a dark intense character that is needed for Raven. She actual played a character similar in Beautiful Creatures.

Hailee Steinfeld-CassandraCain/Batgirl

A bonus that made me select Hailee was her heritage. She made her name to fame in True Grit where she was a smart mouth girl looking for a bounty hunter to bring her father's killer to justice. She was chipper in Pitch Perfect 2 as an incoming Bella. Her versatility, tall stature mixed with her looks made her an ideal choice to bring out the troubled parts of Cain but also add the soft nature to make audiences feel for her. Not to mention she showed she could fight a bit in Barely Lethal. People may deny her ability pull off the gritty nature of a Bat Family member, I assure you they have not seen Steinfield act. Batgirl is here instead of a few other heroes because I imagine DC making both a Young Justice and Teen Titans movie.

Dylan Sprayberry - Beast Boy

Teen Wolf newbie who does an excellent job playing a troubled teen. Sprayberry has an innocent Ora about him with a bad boy quality. For Beast Boy I'm confident he'd bring the funny, but something extra that would make him believable as a hero.

Erin Moriarty - Wonder-Girl/Casandra Sandsmark

The New 52 version would be great with a bit of a darker edgy side to her. She's known as a thief, but she is very powerful. Erin jumped off my screen on True Detective as Woody Harrison's daughter, she was raunchy a true bad girl. She was also in The Watch. Without amount I think she could play a tough, street smart powerful misfit/hero She has the IT factor and a role like this would be great for her and she would be great in this role.

Britt Robertson - Jessie Quick/Jesse Chambers

Quick is the daughter of Liberty Belld and Johnny Quick. She is one of the original members of the Titans. She uses the Speed Force like many speedsters. Britt Robertson is known from Under the Dome,The Longest Ride, and Tomorrowland. From those movies and TV I was convinced she would be a great Jesse Quick. In Under the Dome she played a troubled teen and she was adventuress and fun in Tomorrowland.

Bad Guys

Angelababy- Lynx

Lynx has been involved with Bat Family particularly Robin and Batgirl, but I think inserting her into the Titans is a smart move to give them fresh antagonist. Lo is an unknown actress with amazing skills that would shine in the role as Lynx the leader of the Ghost Dragons and one time girlfriend of Red Robin (Tim Drake). Having Angelababy would be cool, she can fight and she's making her action movie rounds; Tai Chi series, Young Detective Dee, Rise of the Legend, Hitman 47, The Ghods, Independence Day.

Shia LaBeouf - Ravager/Grant Wilson

I know I will get a lot of heat for this, but he is a really good underrated often hated actor. In Fury he showed his range. He can play militant. evil, rich kid joining forces with his father.

Fearsome Five

Gustaf Skarsgard - Psimon

Yes he's a TV actress he's known for his role as Floki on Vikings. That same style, crazy, unsettling, violent, unpredictable is perfect for Simon Jones who uses his psychic ability to destroy the world.

Peter Dinklage - Gizmo

I couldn't help myself, I mean who better? He's a great actor who deserves more roles. He'll provide a cynical and entertaining element to the genius inventor. Having him in this role would be fantastic to say the least. His portrayal as Tyrion helped him land the role in Days of Future, which was pretty great in itself. As Gizmo he would bring a similar element, but with more comedy.

Frieda Pinto- Jinx

This was a really tough nut to crack. Their aren't a lot of Indian/Middle Eastern or even Native Americans that I could see playing the role of Jinx. Pinto is an actress I kind of followed since seeing her on One Tree Hill, she played a lesbian tough girl and since then has really did her thing. She stood her own in Immortals and she earned a role in the Jungle Book. As Jinx the sorceress and member of the Five she would be great.

Geno Segers - Mammoth

Segers is a TV actor, but his very unique voice and his look lends itself well to any comic book movie. On Pair of Kings he displayed his funny side as a bodyguard. But his was fantastic portrayal of Chayton Littlestone on Banshee that earned him the spot here. He was vindictive, passionate, evil, merciless and terrifying. There aren't many people that would pull off Mammoth like he would. He woulda make a good Darkseid too.

Isla Fisher - Shimmer

Shimmer is the other half of Mammoth, together the brother and sister are devastating. Her role in Now You See me caught my eye as the sexy Henley Reeves. She showed her versatility in the Great Gatsby. Her upcoming movie Visions shows a more vulnerable side as a haunted pregnant woman. I have not doubt she would do great as Shimmer.

Colin Firth - Dr. Light

Light should be the brains behind the Fearsome Five assembly. Light's Silver Age and Identity Crisis should be mixed together making him dark and heartless with vengeance in his heart. He's a criminal physicist that gained his powers through a suite and a scientific accident (for movie purposes. Firth is a really good actor to say the least, he was great in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but it was his sly smooth role in Kingsman that made me pick him for the role of Light.


Skyler Samuels - Terra

Terra was a Titan infiltrator who secretly worked for the Ravagers. She as the ability to manipulate the earths elements minerals and rocks and shapping it at her will. Skyler is perfect for Terra not beucase of the identical looks, but on Scream Queens she's displayed her ability to play the girl next door which was completely opposite of her role on The Duff as Jess. I have no doubt she would portray the good girl and bad girl perfectly.

Ansel Egort - Garth

Garth/Tempest was the right hand to Aquaman before he married Mera. His uncertainty lead him to become one of the founding members of the Titans before his tragic demise. Egort is an up and coming actor with fantastic ability. In the Fault in Our Stars he was fantastic as a dying teen who experienced an indescribable love as Gus. He received rave reviews for his performance. As Tommy in Carrie he was good as the jock that fell for the troubled teen. H made his rounds in a sequel with the Divergent series though he has been a bit of a backstory. As Garth I have no doubt he would portray the leadership quality needed to for the role.

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