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After a decade ,we finally get to see the most feared and anticipated bankai in the bleach verse, the chill that run through my veins as I read the last age of chapter 647..


Will shunsui's bankai turn out to be as awesome as anticipated or will it be another one captain level overhyped bankai?

So the Chapter starts off with Shunsui in a pretty bad way. He's bleeding from multiple points and trying his best to run away from Zyrael's peircing shots.

He takes a moment to sit and relax, pondering how he's very lucky to be such a monster, as someone weaker would probably have been killed outright, but Shunsui is far too strong for that. His pondering is interrupted quite rudely by Barro shooting at him a bunch again. It seems even HE is quite impressed with Shunsui's ability to cope with his many injuries.

Of course Shunsui always has something up his sleeve... So he tries Kido! Unleashing a low level hadou, no Incantation that's still none-the-less powerful enough to destroy the whole floor!

Then his plot is revealed. He wasn't REALLY running away (ok he was, a little bit...) He was actually trying to get clear of everyone else, so that no one would be caught up in it. In what? I hear you ask!


KATEN KYOKOTSU: KUROMATSU SHINJU (The last part means "Black Pine Double Suicide... This doesn't sound good...)


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