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Dale Monnroe Reich Jr

So if you are like me, you have Tivo'd the two latest episodes of the flash, and are continuing to comb over the latest episodes of The Flash. Just to hopefully find a glimpse (if any) to exactly who is the newest speedster to The Flash. Now slowly but surely combing over the latest episodes of our favorite speedsters t.v. series. Looking, hoping, praying for that one line or one scene that would leave us with an explanation as to who is our evil blue speedster.

this evil looking blue dude..
this evil looking blue dude..

So, in the first episode after a reprieve of a season, The Flash had us worrying and wondering. Is Ronnie dead? Is he trapped in the singularity? Now we all would love to understand why we have been teased about ANOTHER Firestorm host, BUT... that is not the subject of this article. Today we are asking all the right questions about who Zoom is. Now that the second episode has released, like me you have probably combed over it for all it's easter-egginess and nods that the powers that be would allow in the episode. From a nod to the first time our scarlet speedster met the crimson comet, to the hilarious yet scary way cisco's powers have developed. As well as the villian (sand demon) using the name of not only the episode but the name of the comics first flash team-up. But after all that awesomeness we are still left with a burning question in the back of our minds... WHO IS ZOOM?!? Now, if we are to assume (don't know why we would) that the series is attempting to remain close to our dear comics, then the next thought any Flash fanboy/girl would have would be "The Rival" or better known as Dr. Edward Clariss. He happens to be Earth-2's Reverse Flash. Now, if you are like me, then after binge watching the series over and over you know that they don't exactly like to stay to close to the original source material. so, that being said, who is our new Reverse Flash? Well that being said, I have a theory that none other than Harrison Wells is the new Reverse Flash. All the evidence points to the eccentric charismatic Harrison Wells. His melodramatic entrance and the fact that the crimson comet states "I have no idea who he is, he showed up around the same time i got my speed, and he has a face like death" that being the same time almost exactly, now for all you non-flash fanboy/girls that do not know, Jay Garrick received his powers due to Hard Water or Heavy Water as the later stories would change it. So, unlike Earth-1, the city has not yet been damaged by the particle accelerator. But, somehow they not only have metahumans but they are also being studied by none other than Harrison Freaking Wells... Now i have ranted and raved about the new evil blue speedster, but the ultimate answer is within you so please tell me what you think and let me know who you might think the blue speedster is.


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