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It's been an extremely emotional day for Star Wars fans. Between weird Twitter campaigns and the confusion-turned-panic over early ticket sales, one might have felt a little fatigued as we patiently waited for Monday Night Football to go into half-time. But now, the trailer has arrived, and as Captain America put it:

In fact, the trailer itself has already nabbed over 1 million views on YouTube alone, and the numbers just keep on climbing. But what did we learn from the first, and likely final full-length trailer for The Force Awakens? Quite a bit, actually. Such as...

This Mandalorian Logo

Right at 1:39, the frame pans upwards and darkens. If your eyes weren't keen to look for it, you may very well have missed the insignia of the Mandalorians, a people which great warriors and bounty hunters such as Bo Katan, Pre Visla, Boba Fett, and Jango Fett belong to. Will we see some Mando armor in the film? And isn't that Boba Fett's personal branch insignia next to it, too?

Han's Change of Heart

Seems like Han Solo has had a lot of time to consider the "hokey religion" known as the Force. Throughout A New Hope, Han doubts the validity of The Force, and maintains an air of suspicion throughout most of the movies. But with a Force-sensitive girlfriend and a Jedi buddy who goes from rowdy teenager to warrior monk in the span of five years, Han left the saga seeming a little more empathetic.

Now, it seems, Han is all-in. He's not exactly a door-to-door preacher, but when he tells our new heroes about the Force, there's no holding back for him.

The Knights of Ren

We've known very little about the mysterious villains who Kylo Ren affiliates with, though speculation has been on the rise since a few new "factions" were introduced to the Star Wars canon in Star Wars: Aftermath. But whatever their intention is, it seems as though Kylo is their ringleader—or at least their muscle.

Kylo Ren's Vader Obsession

A rumored theme for some time now, it seems as though Kylo Ren is on a path to finish what Vader started. Now, Vader was a pretty cut-and-dry person: in his heyday, he just wanted to rule the galaxy. So, it's hard to imagine that Kylo might want something any more complex than that... but it seems as though this young new villain has a few more tricks up his sleeve.


Forget your summer celebrity break-ups. Love lives on forever in a galaxy far, far away, and if this shot of Han and Leia embracing a la the Endor hug doesn't make you cry, then you need a lesson in feelings and a dunk in the bacta tank for your barren desert of a heart.


While it may not seem like it, the stars of this trailer were clearly Han Solo and newcomer Rey. A gorgeous new sequence was teased, showing Rey climbing through the wreckage of a Star Destroyer that went down during the Battle of Jakku. We've learned quite a bit about Rey over the past few weeks, including the fact that, at some point, she crosses paths with Kylo Ren and he asks her: "You're just a scavenger?" per his voice mask from the Force Friday toy releases.

But it seems that now, there's more to Rey than meets the eye. Her stifling reply of "I'm no one" in response to Maz Kanata indicates that Rey has a long history that she doesn't want to bring up.

While we've yet to see Rey using her staff, which took Daisy Ridley months of training to master, Rey did take some action this time around - but more than anything, she was the curious newcomer from humble beginnings, an echo of the heroes that came before her.

Maz Kanata's Force Abilities

While this wasn't seen in the trailer, it was heard through clips of lines from the film. In these clips, Maz Kanata is heard speaking of the Force -- and even volunteering information about her connections, telling whoever she is speaking to (fans are speculating that it could be Rey, or Finn) that she has felt the Force reaching out to this hero. Lupita Nyong'o will play the CGI character in the film, and it seems as though our heroes won't have to solely rely on Luke Skywalker in order to learn more about the Force.

Also, where is that guy? Eh, nevermind.

A few other moments really stand out:

Who is Rey crying over in the forest?

Did the First Order seriously make a superweapon with a trench in it? Has nobody taken space history?

Why would anyone want to torture Poe Dameron, the best frickin' pilot in the galaxy?

We now have two months to speculate the fates of our long-time heroes, and the futures of the new trio of Rey, Finn, and Poe. What was your favorite part of the trailer? Sound off in the comments below.


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