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For Ben Affleck's Batman, Batman is full of range going off of Frank Miller's Batman, Batman is old and we know old people are don't give any cares for what they do.From the trailers we seen Bruce Wayne is upset for the destruction of his building (Wayne Enterprises). While trying to find out who is the "red coated crusader" and beat the heavens out of him he runs into Lex Luthor which probably wants his technology.And talking about runs in. Joker, Joker knows who Batman is! Or from the Joker theory, Joker is Jason Todd.


But what about Superman?? This is all leading after the "The Man Of Steel" while getting press for charges he have to deal with getting his ass kicked by Batman and Lex Luthor


Who are they we had ideas that Doomdays is the villain which would be very amazing due to General Zod's body.But there is a other idea that Omac is the Villain due to the laser beams that almost hit Batman and nearly killed him.

Side Characters

So I have looked at the Batman Vs. Superman cast and saw Ray Fisher,Jason, and Ezra Miller which their characters are Cyborg,Aquaman,and the Flash. And I got very excited because I will be seeing these characters in the movie.


Due to comics and my research I believe Batman will beat Superman. Batman don't have to use Superman weakness.Batman got his knowledge


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