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Friday the 13th is finally getting a game worthy of its name and I couldn’t be any more excited. If done right, this could potentially open the door to a myriad of other titles seeing the digital treatment. With this in mind, here’s a few ideas about how we could see other known franchises make the jump to consoles and PC gaming!

Nightmare on Elm Street

Most slashers are essentially the same: Men in overalls with big blades. Nightmare is different; there’s a place here for creativity and player interactivity that would feel out of place in other franchises. Freddy’s victims are dreaming and there’s nothing stronger than an unconscious imagination. I mean, we’ve all seen Dream Warriors, haven’t we? So our Nightmare on Elm Street game would have to rely on the power of imagination more so than any other franchise. For this reason, I thought of Scribblenauts.

Scribblenauts is a game where everything (well, nearly everything) you type can appear and can be used by the player to accomplish tasks. Imagine if your player is in a dream battling Freddy and you summon a battle-ax simply by shouting a command at the mic, or typing it on a keyboard! With the complexity of games these days, this is definitely something that can be done. But Scribblenauts alone won’t cut it; this is a horror game, after all! So let’s add the Gamecube game Eternal Darkness’ mechanics, with elements from Rust and a tad of L.A. Noire. Confused? Not for long.

The Pitch:

The game starts with the player selecting one of the titular characters. Nancy, Jesse, Kristen, Alice, etc. Third-player view, Resident Evil-style. The game has two “sandboxes,” like Shadow of Mordor: Day time, where the player is awake, and Dream time, when the player is sleeping. During the day, the character has to figure out how Freddy Krueger is getting to the teens and how to stop him. During Dream time, the character has to battle and survive Freddy’s onslaughts. Oh, but it’s not that simple! Day tends to shift towards Dream time and the longer you stay up, the longer you’ll have to stay asleep! You can counteract this by keeping yourself awake with coffee and other natural stimulants. But be careful! Your parents might very well have given you relaxants in your orange juice! To add replay value, each of the protagonists would have different strengths and weaknesses, and Freddy would have different sources of power, based on the many versions there’ve been of him in the franchise. What’s keeping him fighting? Fear? Floating head demons? Something else?


Now, hold on. I know, there are already SAW games. But they’re all cheap survival horror titles and not worth your time. No, I have something else in mind for this game. In the movies, Jigsaw doesn’t want to kill people, he wants to test their resolve. He wants them to embrace life at all costs. He does so through the usage of complex machinery. Know what else has complex machinery? Yes, the classic PC game The Incredible Machine. Jigsaw also likes to have people mutually affect each other’s lives through a series of actions and events. He likes to plan these situations through heavy usage of his traps, his locations, his special rooms and so on. Know what other game has you play with people’s lives, build them rooms and houses and force them through weird events, like taking the ladder out of their pool? Yes, The Sims. You see what I’m getting at?

The Pitch:

You are Jigsaw. You have an elevated mind. You are also dying. You want to spend the rest of your days making sure others embrace the life they have but you don’t have the time to convince them through arguments. Better let your ingenious brain and mechanical skill do the talking. In this game, you build rooms and complex traps. The goal? Introduce people to your rooms after carefully examination of their life story. You want them to embrace life. You want them to play your game and choose to live. Watch them as they go through your traps and make sure there aren’t any loose cogs in the machinery! Make on-the-fly adjustments when things go awry! And finally, recruit promising survivors into your fold, but be careful, your follower might have darker urges!

Puppet Master

While not as well known as the rest above, the Puppet Master series has something different to offer. With small dolls bent on killing all sorts of people, from Nazis to magicians, they also offer a variety in styles and function that would lend well to the “simulator” genre. Think Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator and so on. But don’t forget games like Among the Sleep!

The Pitch:

Set in all installments of the Charles Band franchise, play as Blade, Torch, Leech Lady, Pinhead or Tunneler as you try to kill the evil psychics, Nazis, demon dolls and other intruders. They want Toulon’s secret formula; you want them dead! Work alone or as a team to overcome the larger than life locations as your foot tall characters try to finish off human-sized targets! Fun for the whole family!

The Purge

The great thing about the idea behind The Purge is that its principle doesn’t only lend itself to horror. In the franchise, we learn that the USA has lived through a change, where the “New Founding Fathers” have decreed crime illegal for all year, except for one night. They call this night The Purge, where everything goes and all crime is legal. So far, we’ve seen a family try to survive a break-in, as well as a ragtag group try to survive mindless killers. Great, fun. But the game doesn’t have to be about that. How about… heists?

Think about it. A group gathers all year long to plan the perfect heist. They’ll set the thing on Purge night, so that they can legally keep the money they stole. What would make this game any different than say, Payday or GTA? How about the fact that banks are super protected, with employees expecting killers and rapists? How about SAID killers and rapists trying to grab what you’re stealing? We’re talking about Payday on crack; get the money and make sure you make it home alive… because the neighbors are shooting rockets in the streets and the bank teller has a minigun!

So, what do you think? Like it? Don't? Leave a comment!


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