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In order to celebrate "Back to the Future Day" I will concentrate in the one thing that I think this classic and wonderful movie got completely and horribly wrong.

1. Fashion

Let's face it, the movie got a lot of things right, and other things wrong, and others... it just gave us a glimpse of what could be, such as:

2. Hoverboards

Even when there is not a functioning "Hoverboard" that can behave in the same way as the one Marty uses in 2015, there are functional prototypes that exist around the world.

3. Flying Cars

This is one of the most obvious missed from the futuristic setting, but flying cars might not be too far away. They might not look like a Delorean, or they might not be done by the grandson of Mayor Goldie Wilson. In fact, they look like personal airplanes. But let's be honest, flying cars might be upon us very soon.

4. Holographic Advertising and Movies

This is almost true, even though holograms are not on every billboard is becoming more and more common seeing animated billboards over your highway. And movies, well, do I even have to say it? Movies all come in 3D nowadays. So, yes, this is almost accurate.

5. Computerized Waiters

Yes, this is a reality. Is not the standard, but a particular restaurant in San Francisco has a faceless waiter, or order kiosk where you can request your daily intake of quinoa and vegetables. So, yes, I'll give this to BTF2.

But now we have come to what the movie, from my perspective, got almost totally wrong. And that's fashion.

I think the only remotely thing that I will gladly accept from this disastrous fashion nightmare is the concept of outside pockets. If you peek a little bit into the minds of someone in the Fashion Industry, they can tell you that the 80s was characterized by the word "heavy" (Marty makes this clear in the movie). Heavy makeup, heavy colors, heavy clothing, heavy accessorizing, and huge hair.

Seeing the movie clearly shows that the producers and fashion advisors on set thought the ideal scenario would be to make the 80s look as if they stayed put. Yes, the 80s gave us a lot of good stuff (my birth at the end of the decade to mention one) incredible movies like this and fashion faux-passes that can make us look back and say "this would be a great idea for a costume". I however, don't see anyone wanting to dress like the 80s again.

And what about the 2015 fashion?

In the movie you can still see females with shoulder pad dresses, neon colored spandex suits, and heavy metal inspired accessories on the people in the background and Griff's squad. So, if you think about it, what you are actually seeing is 80s fashion taken to the most extreme.

Double tie? No thanks. This weird and unnecessary fashion of the 2015 in Marty's universe is not something I see happening anytime soon, who would've imagined that bowties would be more of an accessory! I didn't saw that one coming either!

The colored shorts. Marty's daughter (MJF looks pretty good right?) wears what appear to be plastic colorful shorts, probably a material similar to her brother's cap. And she pairs that with ... a silk blouse?

Sadly the only incredible qualities of the fashion of 2015 in the movie, such as the self-fitting property of clothing has not reached the consumers, and probably this won't happen soon. If you want adjustable clothing the closest item we have is probably something made of spandex or another malleable material with the label "one size fits all".

The reality is that we don't have self-drying jackets either, and that would be incredible to have for those rainy days in some parts of the country (Not California, but some other parts for sure). I know I would like that for sure!

And finally the self-fitting Nike shoes. Well, those are not a reality 100% true to the movie, but the model will become available for those who have ordered. However as far as I am concerned, they don't come with the adjustable properties included. To bad.

Well, these were just a few things that I wanted to highlight from BTTF Day! And remember, where we are going, we don't need roads!


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