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**Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Monday's episode of Gotham, "Scarification"**

On Monday night's episode of Gotham, the show seemed to offer a new DC villain, Firefly. Traditionally known as being male, in Gotham, Firefly is Bridgit Pike (Michelle Vientimilla) the sister of a gang of arsonists who are enlisted by Penguin for a dangerous mission.

Bridgit’s mission to recover an ancient knife also ties into Theo’s mysterious vendetta against the Wayne family — a rivalry that apparently stretches back centuries, when five families, the Wayne, Elliot, Dumas, Kane and Crowne clans, ruled Gotham. Things apparently got messy when Bruce Wayne’s ancestor, Celestine Wayne was found in an illicit embrace with Caleb Dumas, despite being promised to the heir of the Elliot family. Celestine insisted that Caleb forced himself on her, resulting in the Wayne family seizing the Dumas family’s holdings and destroying their reputation, forcing them to change their name to Galavan.

Bridgit unwillingly gets tangled in helping her brothers but soon enjoys the rush of adrenaline that comes with the dangerous missions that her brothers put her up against. Veintimilla told Variety:

“She’s doing all of these things for the first time — she’s seen her brothers do it but she’s never actually handled fire… [so] she is scared. Because she’s testing her limits and she’s learning, she doesn’t really know her strengths yet and what the limits are, so she makes mistakes, and some of them end up being destructive.”

Although we see in the episode that Bridgit causes an accidental murder of a GCPD recruit, causing her to be a target for the GCPD strike force to keep a look out for her. With that being said, Vientimilla believes that Bridgit has good intentions (Don't all villains think they do things with good intentions?). She tells Variety:

“She has this flamethrower and she has these resources and she sees the injustices happening in Gotham so she decides to take things into her own hands. There’s a lot of goodness in Bridgit — she’s actually trying to do good, so I think that’s where the aggression begins.. I think it comes from a real passion to right the wrongs in Gotham.”

Now, I do agree with what Vientimilla has to say about Bridgit's passion to right the wrongs within Gotham. I do believe that's what Theo Galavan is trying to achieve within this season by running for mayor and maybe possibly along with Penguin - who seems to slowly be losing his mind that Galavan has his mother. I think this was a great way of bringing in another character that added onto Detective Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) list. I can't wait to see what this season brings for Firefly. Even though I'm not well-versed in the Batman lore of comics but I can say, I'm definitely in love with this season of Gotham.


How did this week's episode leave you guys?


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