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It has been eight years since the final episode of Gilmore Girls aired on national TV. The show reigned strong for seven seasons. The mother/daughter duo with their quirky, too much coffee drinking attitudes was a huge hit for many fans alike. The characters were relatable to a lot of fans too. However, a lot of fans of the series hold a lot of hate towards the final season and especially the series finale. There are many different opinions about the final season, some bad and even some good ones.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the finale for Gilmore Girls was done right. The entire article explains the final episode in pretty good detail from scene to scene. Reading the article, I felt that there was still a lack of emotion from the author. Her opinion was clearly stated, but at the same time it fell flat in personal emotion. Comparing the Entertainment Weekly article to another article posted on a site called "Welcome to Ladyville", the difference in emotion is astounding. The author to the Ladyville article series finale of Gilmore Girls left the author going “That’s it?” The author claims that the finale sucked, that it was poorly done because the shows original creators, Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino, left the series before the final season was even aired on national television.

Below is a clip of the series finale if you are familiar with the series. You can make your judgment on the authenticity of the actual final scene.

Well, it turns out that in recent news it has been confirmed that Gilmore Girls will be getting a revival on Netflix in the form of four ninety minute episodes. Fans have banded together in excitement for the revival of this iconic mother/daughter duo. Negotiations with the cast are only just beginning according to the article. Of the major players from the original cast -- Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson – are expected to return to the limited revival. (You can read all three articles here, here and here in their entirety).

There is no release date yet for these four episodes to hit Netflix yet, but the anticipation is evident amongst fans alike. With this revival though, many questions rise to the surface in regards to the plot of how each episode will be laid out.

So why are fans still so bitter about the series finale? What are your thoughts on the final scene of series finale? Will these final four episodes wrap the entire series up cleaner than the original series finale? The biggest question a lot of fans are wondering is how the death of Edward Herman, aka Richard Gilmore, will be addressed within the series. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see addressed within the final episodes of Gilmore Girls? Do your opinions match these common questions? Comment below with your thoughts.


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