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The second episode of The Walking Dead's sixth season, 'J.S.S', provided us with one of the most intense takeovers we've seen since The Governor waged war on the prison in Season 4's explosive finale.

'J.S.S' got off to a rather slow start, admittedly. Showing the more social, tranquil, relaxed side of Alexandria. We finally got to see Morgan interacting with the other Alexandrians, revealing more about his 'friend' the "cheese maker", and Carol baking a cake. This in a similar dynamic to what we had seen in the pilot with more drama between the characters than blood between the walkers. Although this tone changed completely once Carol started baking her cake. Hearing some screaming outside. Looking outside to see a helpless Alexandrian, a victim in the wrong hands. The hand of one of the Wolves. Making the ten or so minutes of normality an interlude to season 6's first huge conflict.

Within just minutes, The Wolves murdered countless Alexandrians, demonstrating how monstrously insane this pack is. Morgan turned into one of the best bo-staff wielders in the series. Carol became a wolf-stabbing, mercy-giving assassin and Carl did what Rick would've done if he were in the episode, protected his sister, Enid and even killing one of The Wolves to save Jessie's son, Ron.

"Quick. Slow." was the first line spoken by one member of The Wolves, in a rather caveman-like tone. Fixated on murder, giving the people of Alexandria a reminder of their luck on their protection from the outside world, where people like The Wolves and the Terminans seemingly thrive. Even Gabriel realising his luck, accepting his call to arms and asking Carl for a gun, subsequently to receive two from Morgan. One of the moments of the episode that made me curl in shock and disgust was when we saw Jessie killing one of the Wolves. Turning from loving-mother into psychopathic-killer within the space of a few minutes, blood all over her hands and face, murdering him in a scene akin to the famous shower scene from Hitchcock's Psycho.

The last minutes of the episode managed to cram in what made it a perfect 10 from my perspective. We see a scene where Carol holds the woman that was her neighbour in Alexandria, the first woman killed by the Wolves, after killing her so she doesn't turn. She looks over a cigarette in a sad, grieving afterthought. In homage to the scene straight before Carol's neighbour tells her "smoking will get you killed" moments before she was murdered. We then see Morgan talking to the remaining Wolves, fending them off in one of the best circular-fight scenes since The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We even see Morgan presumably killing the leader of The Wolves, breaking his conduct of not killing any living, unless left with no choice but to.

After this somewhat 30-40 minutes of chaos, we end on a grizzly scene seeing Carol and Morgan walk past each other, two different stories of murder and mourning colliding with not even a nod of acknowledgement to each other.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Season 6.


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