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Mom, Dad, people of the internet. I have something to announce. A dark secret I've been harboring... I play Dungeons & Dragons.

Although I may seem like a humble internet writer guy, every Wednesday (and occasionally Tuesday if our Dungeon Master is busy) I become Brenn, a half-elf ranger with a hot-headed temperament and a penchant for missing arrow shots at critical opportunities. But, it's all right now. I can stand up proud and say, "Yes, I play Dungeons and Dragons and that's totally cool, because so does Vin Diesel."

Vin has always been open to discussing his D&D past, but today we've been treated to our first extended look at him actually playing Dungeons and Dragons courtesy of regular D&D show, Critical Role.

In this special episode, their long-running campaign is joined by Kaulder the Witchhunter, a new mysterious hero with a flaming sword. If all that sounds a bit familiar, it's probably because this is, in fact, the character Vin Diesel plays in the soon to be released The Last Witch Hunter. Watch him racking up criticals in the highlight supercut below:

You can watch a 30-minute long version of their game here.

However, it's just not fantasy action and Vin Diesel that links Dungeons & Dragons and The Last Witch Hunter. The original spec script for The Last Witch Hunter is actually loosely based on an character created by Vin Diesel in Dungeons & Dragons. In this sense, Vin has achieved the dreams of countless D&D players -- to have a movie made about their character.

Check out the Last Witch Hunter trailer below:

In fact, according to Vin, he owes quite a lot to Dungeons & Dragons, and has previous stated it was originally what got him interested in acting in the first place. Furthermore, he has become somewhat of a mainstream champion for the game and even wrote the foreword for a 30-year D&D retrospective, 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons. But his nerd credentials don't end there, he also had the name of his character, Melkor, tattooed on his stomach in xXx and also apparently taught Judi Dench the game while working on the set of Chronicles of Riddick.

Of course, Vin Diesel isn't the only celebrity who likes to roll with a D20. Here are some more big names who who got into Dungeons & Dragons.

Dwayne Johnson

Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious co-star also reportedly likes to tell imaginary enemies to smell what "he's cooking."

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Although 'rivals' for the position of 'satirical late night master,' both Colbert and Stewart play D&D. No word if they play it together though.

Robin Williams

The late Robin Williams, as well loving the Legend of Zelda, was also a huge fan of D&D.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Kevin Smith

Both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were forced into playing D&D by director Kevin Smith and apparently fell in love with the game. Affleck apparently favors wizard characters, while Damon likes fighters.

Joss Whedon

Is anyone actually surprised to learn this?

Matt Stone and Trey Parker

The South Park creators have also made no secret of their love of all things geeky, and Dungeons & Dragons is no exception.

David Cross

Comedian and Arrested Development star David Cross apparently plays with a group of comedians, but wouldn't reveal names. They probably appreciate that.

Insane Clown Posse

Yep... apparently.

If you want to see what Vin Diesel's D&D character looks like on the big screen, you can catch The Last Witch Hunter in theaters from October 23rd.

Source: The Nerdist


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