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When Kaley Cuoco's marriage to Ryan Sweeting crumbled before their second anniversary, a lot of so-called fans were saying "I told you so," thanks to the couple's hasty three month courtship before getting hitched. But even if you didn't find the split surprising, Sweeting's demands on his estranged wife might color you intrigued.

After Cuoco and Sweeting decided to separate, things should have been plain sailing for the former couple, thanks to the fact that they signed a prenup to ensure any problems could be wrapped up easily and quickly to avoid a messy split.

Kaley and Ryan on their wedding day
Kaley and Ryan on their wedding day

Unfortunately, it seems like the prenup wasn't as well thought through as it could have been and now Sweeting, a professional tennis player by trade, is asking Cuoco for spousal support, which means he could get his hands on a monthly stipend of her The Big Bang Theory fortune.

According to US Weekly, Sweeting filed the claim for a portion of Cuoco's $1 million dollar per episode fortune on Thursday, October 15, after Kaley filed for divorce late last month.

It is not yet known how much Sweeting is asking for, but US Weekly has confirmed that it is perfectly within the terms of the prenup he signed with Kaley before they tied the knot.

Problems have been rumored for months now
Problems have been rumored for months now

Now this revelation has come to light, there are plenty of whispers on some less reputable internet gossip sites that Sweeting may have married the Big Bang star for her money, but he seems to have escaped the 'gold digger' label that follows women who divorce spouses that vastly surpass them in fame.

Cuoco filed for divorce on September 28, citing irreconcilable differences, which may have involved Sweeting's rumored addiction to prescription painkillers, according to insider sources. A mysterious friend close to the couple told US Magazine that:

"She supported him, but she said he couldn't make the commitment to get sober. He'd tell her he was working on it, and instead go get wasted."

(Source: US Magazine and Fish Wrapper)


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