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It's not every day you're encouraged to picture a 2,019-year-old fictional wizard in the buff, but there we have it. The worlds of 'sexy' and Middle Earth have collided, resulting in a fishnet clad Gandalf the Grey, complete with giant wooden staff, big bushy beard, and high heels with bows on them. Is it hot? Is It weird? Either way, it's provoking feelings one should not have when it comes to Lord of the Rings.

Sexy Gandalf is the brainchild of 18-year-old Australian high-school student Tjitske Van Vark. She crafted and sported the costume for her school's Muck Up Day, an Australian tradition where students dress up on their last day of school and pull pranks. Van Vark then uploaded the pictures to her Tumblr account, writing:

Our last day of school involved dressing up and I took it upon myself to be the sexiest one there.

Her pictures blew up the net almost instantly. She claims that within three days her Tumblr following more than tripled, and that she has received quite the flurry of interesting messages. From the blatant...

To the bizarre, summarizing:

The people that are slightly turned on and very confused
The people that are unashamed and direct
The countless marriage proposals
The even more countless amount of people that have decided this is what they’ll be this year for halloween (The idea of having raised an army of Gandalfs in fishnets is honestly fantastic)
The unanimous agreement that this is the only acceptable sexy halloween version of a costume
The innocent numerous cuties that think it’s Dumbledore (shh don’t tell them)
Tons of new cute messages saying I’m cute/hot etc (I’m glad you could all see beyond my hot grandpa beard wow)
The amount of new followers hey I love you all I’m glad my legs made you stick around
Most importantly of all, the thirst for Gandalf

The thirst for Gandalf? Ew.

Her posts gained so much attention, Sexy Gandalf even made the front page of Tumblr!

“The absolute best thing though has just been the general thirst for Gandalf I’ve created. Honestly, nothing is better than seeing people exclaim ‘I want to fuck Gandalf’ because of me!”

What's next on her list do we think? Sexy Sauron? Horny Hobbit? The Engorged Ent? Share your inappropriate LOTR costume ideas in the comments!

Source: Mashable, Buzzfeed


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