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The latest episodes of Steven Universe season 2 have been excellently paced, giving us chunks of exposition and vital clues about Homeworld that are sure to play into the season's finale. After the revelation of what the Cluster is, and Peridot's reluctant addition to the group, the Crystal Gems have a clear mission: drill down to the Cluster and stop it from consuming the Earth.

But while this is a pretty heavy mandate, as the Gems proceed with the beginnings of their plan the episodes take a bit of a lighter note, focusing on integrating Peridot into the group. As she is very new to Earth, she naturally talks a lot about Homeworld, which is a great benefit to giving us some backstory and Gem lore context. But when it comes to Amethyst, we may have already caught a glimpse of how she was meant to be...

Gem War Warriors

Back in season 1, the Crystal Gems visited the Strawberry Battlefield in the episode Rose's Scabbard. This was one of the first glimpses we had of the Gem War, when Rose lead a rebellion against Homeworld to protect Earth.

That's one badass axe
That's one badass axe

Steven Universe has a fascinating story structure, revealing snippets of backstory as the plot progresses, meaning the audience (and Steven) can slowly piece together the bigger picture and understand more about the Gems and their situation on Earth. In Rose's Scabbard, the destruction of the Gem War was revealed, along with a pretty awesome weapon which Garnet claimed.

This gigantic axe was later shown wielded by a mystery Gem in Pearl's brief flashback during the season 2 episode Sworn To The Sword...

Fans quickly pointed out the similarities between Amethyst's hairstyle and the hair of this Gem that Rose fights. Put that together with Peridot's revelations in Too Far, and it looks like we already caught a glimpse of how Amethyst is supposed to be!

"You're small! You're not supposed to be. You're a quartz. They're huge, loyal soldiers. You should be twice your size. Broad shouldered, intimidating... but you simply stayed in the ground too long!"

Naturally, Peridot's comments upset Amethyst greatly. She already feels like an outcast as she didn't grow up on Homeworld, and now she knows she's "defective". The episode handles this very well as a stumbling block to Peridot and Amethyst's budding *ahem* friendship, as Peridot learns how her bluntness can be upsetting.

This is also an interesting exploration of Peridot's character: clearly her moral structure is distinctly different from that of the Gems', and she treats most of what she says as just facts that are amusing to her, without considering others' emotions. Honestly, this development of Peridot and her relationship with the Gems' is fantastic and I can't wait to see her get integrated into the group more. But I digress.

Homeworld Amethysts

So is this how Amethyst should be?

Boss level Amethyst
Boss level Amethyst

That's a definite possibility. This could also be a fusion of multiple Amethysts: the book Guide To The Crystal Gems revealed that on Homeworld, fusions usually only occur between two or more Gems of the same type, resulting in a larger, stronger, Gem. So it's also possible this is a fusion Amethyst.

The Amethysts may come to become more important in the plot: as the "loyal soldier" Gem caste, they may form Yellow Diamond's armies should she ever come to Earth. Of course, this arrival would probably prompt another Gem War, the consequences of which could be disastrous. At the very least, it would greatly affect how humans see Gems, while at the moment the citizens of Beach City mostly turn a blind eye to the weirdness around them.

Looking forward, it's difficult to predict how all this will play out. Will the Crystal Gems succeed in destroying the Cluster? If they do, how will Homeworld (and Yellow Diamond) react to the Earth no longer being their weapon incubating facility? Can the Crystal Gems free Earth from Homeworld's influence for good?

Ah, so many questions. In any case, it seems like we might see more from the terrifying Amethyst soldiers in the future. And until then, we can enjoy Peridot's gigantic crush on Amethyst herself...

Subtle, Peridot
Subtle, Peridot

But we'll have to wait a while to find out how this develops. It's official: Too Far is the last episode before the winter hiatus break. Time to rewatch all of season 2!

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