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They say honesty is the best policy, and reviewers on Amazon certainly don't hold back when it comes to commenting on movies.

Here are seven hilarious Amazon reviews by the people who really count -- the fans themselves.

1. The person who lacked belief in the plot for Back to the Future

This was the most unrealistic load of crap that one could ever see in their life. Time Travel is only possible at 180,000 miles per second, not 88 miles per hour.

2. This child who wasn't impressed by the number of deaths in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Okay if u want a family movie to watch this is not the one. I hate this movie there is too much blood. This is a must not watch. There is to much killing. I rest my point. This is the worst movie ever. I might be exaggerating a little but i feel like every other word in the movie is kill. Cant at least they stop on the killing?

3. The reviewer who found the monkey in Toy Story 3 more unnerving than... Simon Cowell?!

Whats not to like? Brilliant stuff. Great touches, eye-brow raising jokes only adults will get, homages to other films, and nice touches of nostalgia ( the Fisher Price Chatterphone!).
BUT that monkey! Scarier than Freddy Kruger! Scarier than the villan in SAW, scarier than Simon Cowell...My 4 yr old daughter covered her ears and face when it was on screen - but still LOVED the film. And Big Baby? Dont even go there.....

4. This Fast and the Furious fan who responded to the haters

Seeing the trailer of this movie, or simply looking at the front cover, most will automatically "judge the book by it's cover" and assume this movie is about cars, stunts, and lots of good looking people listening to songs by Limp Bizkit. They would be right.
Attention: If you have no interest in cars, no interest in stunts over storyline & no interest in the youth culture of today, THIS FILM IS NOT FOR YOU.

5. Mr. Helpful who isn't a fan of bad language

The "real" Charles Xavier (i.e. in the comics) does not say "F*** off" ! I'm a comics fan partly to avoid this juvenile language and don't expect it in the movie versions either ! Marvel are trying my patience.

6. The person who's faith in humanity was ruined by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This is the third Twilight movie I have tried to watch, and I just can't. I am seriously disturbed that this kind of inane garbage is what 90% of people seem to enjoy. Aldous Huxley's fears of society becoming so trivial that life was meaningless are actually realised in this absolute garbage.

7. And finally, this person who only needed emojis to sum up Magic Mike XL

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