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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is out in under two months and tickets are finally on sale! Of course that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone by this point, as fans of the franchise are brimming with excitement for the seventh film, which is already attracting an unbelievable amount of press and attention.

We all know that Star Wars VII is going back to basics, bringing the old gang back together and creating an air of mystery around the plot of the movie. It's frustrating yet tantalizing, and it has the public begging to see the new film.

In fact, fans are so excited that tickets to the premiere episode are already up on eBay, some -- including the sample below -- are set as low as $400 for four tickets. I'd definitely pay that for a shot at the premiere screening! But is it too much, and are people exploiting other fans for their own profit?

Now that we're in the final rundown to Star Wars VII, the fans are going insane, causing Fandango and to crash under the weight of those seeking to purchase tickets. I can't believe it -- Star Wars fans broke the internet; this film better live up to the hype!

There are more than a few people looking to cash-in on the biggest Star Wars craze in 30 years, with some prices going as high as $2,000, or best offer.

What this really shows us is that tensions are really building for J.J. Abrams's contribution to the Star Wars franchise. Moreover, all eyes are going to be on him until the release of the film, which could make his career -- giving him his choice of future productions, or kill it, leading directly to his future nickname, Jar Jar Abrams.

My hopes are high for the next trilogy. The trailers have been fantastic, and very little has been released about the movies so far, meaning we'll all be in the dark about what to expect on the release date.

I've bought my ticket... have you got yours?

Have a look at the newest trailer. Enjoy!

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