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The Parents Television Council are clutching their pearls over some admittedly gruesome scenes in American Horror Story: Hotel; but the mind boggles when you wonder what exactly they were expecting from a show that has brought us such grisly moments as near fatal minotaur sex and a bloody coat hanger abortion.

The conservative watchdog group has blasted the show for the season premiere, which featured a bloody orgy between Matthew Bomer, Lady Gaga, two ill-fated lovers and, more disturbingly, a graphic rape scene involving Max Greenfield in which his character is brutally violated with a spiked sex toy.

One of the scenes in question...
One of the scenes in question...

The PTC president, Tim Winter, wrote that the premiere featured an "unbelievably explicit combination of sex and violence" and attempted to rouse support from other Americans to boycott the series, along with banding together to discourage advertisers from being associated with the show. He explained that:

"This is the most vile and shocking content I've ever seen on TV. Ever. Most Americans have no idea this is primetime fare on advertiser-supported basic cable. And everyone is paying for it as part of their program bundle."

While anyone with an ounce of sanity would agree that these disturbing scenes are 100 percent inappropriate for children, [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561) airs well after the watershed at 10pm, and with the word 'horror' in the title, it's unlikely anyone but consenting adults will accidentally fall into the blood bath.

AHS never pretended to be a family show
AHS never pretended to be a family show

This is a show that has never made a premise about being anything other than extreme to the point of pushing boundaries, and the PTC trying to ban it just because they don't agree with the very premise of on-screen violence.

At the end of the day, groups like PTC are totally down with freedom of speech and expression, unless it happens to be something they don't want to see or hear, and maybe it's about time they stopped trying to police what grown adults watch on their own TVs? Just a thought...

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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