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Grab your tissues, because Pixar has unveiled their most emotional montage since Carl and Ellie's heartbreakingly tragic life story in Up reduced grown men to spluttering wrecks.

The video, titled '20 Years of Friendship,' commemorates two decade's worth of sublime animation, taking us right back to where it all began with the studio's 1995 debut feature film Toy Story.

Over the years, we've embarked on adventures with a colorful cast of unforgettable characters, from super-powered babies to intergalactic trash compactors, meeting...

A delusional astronaut and a loyal cowboy

An ambitious young chef and a talented rodent

A jaded widower and an inquisitive young boy

Conflicted emotions

Child-scarers and overprotective carers

Now, prepare to welcome a new twosome in Pixar's upcoming alternate-reality adventure, The Good Dinosaur.

For maximum feels, watch the full featurette below:

The Good Dinosaur hits theaters on November 25.

[Source: YouTube]


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