ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough had to make some last minute changes to their Dirty Dancing routine on Dancing with the Stars. Derek Hough explained to People:

We were practicing the lift and Bindi's dress kept sliding up. If it came up too high, she would fall down. We ran over to wardrobe and I said, 'Please sew the dress to her underwear so it won't slide up.'

It was the perfect solution to help Bindi pull off the iconic stunt.

They were literally cutting the string right as we were running on stage to perform. We were really nervous. But it went great.

I have both been onstage fiddling with terrible costumes as well as crew for many theater productions from high school through college, and costumes are the absolute last thing you want to worry about.

Last-minute costume issues are always the norm when it comes to stage productions, so this doesn't surprise me. But it's worth it to help you stick your landing, whether you are acting, dancing, and more.

[Source: People]


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